Top Gun: Maverick (review): a high-flying Tom Cruise?

In 1986, Tony Scott decided to give a handsome, rising Hollywood star a chance by driving a young man forward tom Cruise his headline Top Gun. At the time, critics of this action film laughed with increased patriotism combined with a trowel-written romance.

The years go by and the rereads of Top Gun begins to see that behind the metal bodies there are in fact many insinuations, including about the sexuality of the characters. Yes, the heart of the film is not so much centered on the couple Pete and Charlie as on the relationship between Maverick and Iceman. Whether you love Scott’s explosive madness or enjoy making fun of it, the feature film is now cool.

But because it is also a pure product from the 80s, it is not easy to fly the machine again in 2022. Except that Tom Cuise is used to impossible missions and that with him, Top Gun: Maverick may well reach new heights. Here is the statement from CNET France.

Synopsis of the film

Although he has proven himself many times and is considered one of the best pilots in the world, Pete Mitchell, codenamed Maverick, rejects promotions to continue flying. Today, he is a test pilot for new aircraft, and he is reminded of where it all began, at Top Gun School.

On the spot, he will have to train a new generation to carry out a perilous mission. Except that among these young pilots is Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, son of his deceased teammate. While his future seems more uncertain than ever, and the ghosts of the past continue to haunt him, Maverick will have to overcome his demons if he wants everyone to come back alive.

Top Gun: Can Maverick ease?

To be honest, there was very little faith in the success of Top Gun: Maverick. Scalded dog fears cold water and we know how greedy the studies throw themselves over the slightest opportunity to play with our nostalgia by reviving the old glories of the 80s and 90s. Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Jurassic World, Terminator. We have lost count of the times Hollywood has made us say “it was better before” unable to restart other than the ticket machine. Moreover, we have always preferred Hot Shots! to Top Gun.

The first few minutes will confirm our fear of a purely mercantile approach by taking all of Scott’s old toys out of the closet. The music, the jacket, the motorcycle and the face of a Tom Cruise frozen in time seem to tell us that the volleyball match with oil breast took place yesterday and thatwe will be entitled to the same ratatouille as nothing moves in the best / worst of worlds, minus the freshness.

Except that behind a scenario as simplistic as its model hides a true declaration of love for old-school action movies, those who put fat under their nails. While the box office is always the heyday of a cinema using digital effects, Top Gun: Maverick going to do one last act of resistance. Yes, soon it will no longer exist. But not today. Today, Joseph Kosinski pays tribute to Scott as he passes him at 10 Machs speed when it comes to being laid. The film exudes reality, adrenaline, suspense. We are in noble, simple, elegant action, where the actors are really filmed during the escape (in planes controlled by soldiers), and where the air choreographies impress. To sum up, we can say that the feature film restores its noble letters to the notion of store show.

A declaration of love for an old-fashioned cinema that could only be signed by an actor himself one of the last remnants of that timeconstantly eager to push its own limits. tom Cruisethrough the scenario with Christopher McQuarrie, his ordinary right arm for years, reveals himself more than ever through his character. Yes, the years go by, but the time to pass the torch has not yet come. The time to forget friends has not yet come. The time when his dazzling smile will no longer have an effect has not yet come (but we can make fun of it). Top Gun: Maverick ? Nothing, Top Gun: Tom Cruise.

For behind his spinning stunts, the actor especially likes to prove that he is quiet the hero of his own legend, and that no one will write it to him. All this Top Gun 2 is only a pretext to highlight the one who gives his name to the title of the film. Yes, Maverick is everywhere, he knows everything. We volunteer to watch a giant commercial to highlight his product: Tom Cruise. Unsurpassed pilot, asexual seducer, leader of men, good friend, adoptive father … the only thing Pete Mitchell is not is to be too old for “that bullshit”.

A demonstration of ego in which we like to participate so much does it fit into the generous approach of always faster, always higher, to which the actor has accustomed us with sincerity and playfulness. A line of behavior that could only spawna sequel better than the original.

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What projects for Tom Cruise?

If the Pete Mitchell character is now grounded (and again, never say never), Tom Cruise is not done with the licenses as he will find Christopher McQuarrie for the next two rounds of his cult franchise: Impossible mission.

In fact, the seventh installment of Ethan Hunt’s adventure will arrive on our screens on July 12, 2023 (unless it changes), so the eighth episode is currently dated June 26, 2024. Note that it will in fact be one and the same mission divided into two, who by the same sign the end of the saga, or at least Ethan Hunts. The actor, who turns 60 this year, would he be ready to take a little rest?

Not so sure as we are still waiting for a sequel to Edge of Tomorrowin the pipeline for a long time without us having yet seen the project start, but also a movie that would take Tom Cruise out into space. In the end, even the Earth seems too small for someone who can not stand boundaries.

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