who are the men in her life?

This Friday, May 20, Cher is celebrating her 76th candle. The American actress and singer, icon of the gay community, was the wife of Sonny Bono, with whom she formed the legendary couple on stage and in the city known under the pseudonym Sonny and Cher. With two marriages and many conquests, her life, adapted in a show on Broadway, was marked by love stories. Some famous, others more intimate or surprising. We tell you everything!

Sonny Bono, the man who started his career

Expensive was only 16 when she met the music producer Sonny Bono who will start his career. He helps her record her first songs. They released their first album in 1964, Caesar and Cleobefore the success of the opus Sonny and Cher. Together, they will form and become the most influential hippie duo of the 60s. They will even host their own talk show in the early ’70s. Meanwhile, the lovers get married at a private ceremony in 1964 before formalizing the matter 5 years later. From this love their son Chaz Bono was born in March 1969. But success will not be compatible with love. One of the most famous duos in the history of music was separated in 1974. Despite a formal divorce in 1975, Expensive and Sonny Bono will remain close until the latter died in 1998 in a ski accident.

Cher: Gregg Allman, married three days after his divorce from Sonny

Just after Sonny Bono, Expensiveto eternal youth, fell in love with the musician Gregg Allman by the Allman Brothers Band, which would later become a major music producer. As soon as her divorce was pronounced from Sonny Bono that she marries the musician, father of her son Elijah Blue Allman. The couple is in an up and down relationship. It is reported that a week after their wedding, the star was already thinking of leaving him. They were finally divorced two years later to remarry and were finally divorced in 1978. A few years later, Gregg Allman will come out.

Tom Cruise and Cher, the secret love story

In the 80s, Cher lived romantic passions with young actors. She then falls in love with a certain Tom Cruise, 22 years old and still a little known. The young man who was met at Madonna’s and Sean Penn’s wedding is 16 years younger than her. For three years, the two actors have to live a romance in top secret. Many years later the interpreter left strong enough will trust the site snack about this story:It’s a very long time ago and none of us ever talked about it and I do not know why. When we were together, he was a very discreet person. It has always been so until recently. He did not talk about it, and I did not talk about it. I still loved him, he was amazing. […] It was after Risky business and just before The color of money. I could not go to Chicago [où était Tom Cruise] and it was a bit of a straw that broke the camel’s back“. Incompatible schedules between the music star and the rising star of American cinema seem to have sealed their love affair.

Val Kilmer: Dear by his bed during his cancer

The actor and singer lived a brief romance in the 80s. Since then, the former lovers have remained very close. After his throat cancer, Val Kilmer recounted his struggle in a biography titled I’m your Huckleberry. He discusses the precious help his ex-partner gave him during this painful period: “I woke up and threw up blood covering the bed as in a scene from Godfather. I immediately asked and then called for help. I then warned my host. Expensive arrived and took matters into his own hands. And even in this serious situation, I saw her suppress the paramedic“.

Cher: her romance with Rob Camiletti, nicknamed Bagel Boy

The actress of Mor Mia! 2 did not just fall in love with stars. In the late 80s, she set her sights on a famous stranger. The young Rob Camilettibagel seller, 22 years old. Expensive, she’s 40. The press quickly grabs this new love story and the couple is harassed by the paparazzi. The young man is nicknamed the Bagel Boy. The romance lasts three years. The difference in age and social background will no doubt have accelerated the story towards the break.

Richie Sambora: Cher’s passion for a rocker

Used to actors, the interpreter of believe had a brief romance with Bon Jovi drummer Richie Sambora. The guitarist, who will later marry Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear, with whom he will have a daughter, will resume one of the flagship titles Sonny and Cher in 2015, I Got You Babe. In addition to the love he was able to carry him, the rocker seems to have a real admiration for the legendary artist.

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