Why is it important to take out school insurance?

School insurance is often required by educational institutions, especially for excursions. In any case, it is a useful step to take to secure your child on a daily basis. Explanations.

What is school insurance?

What does the school insurance cover and why is it strongly recommended to take out such a contract? This is an insurance that covers the child in its school and leisure activities. The contract thus does not only concern compulsory activitiesregistered in the usual form, but also on occasional and optional activitiessuch as school trips or additional sports activities.

The school insurance covers risks in connection with course participation and accidents that may occur in the teaching. This is the case even though National Education is supposed to ensure student safety. However, not everything can be taken care of in this context, and certain accidents can not be prevented, even by careful monitoring and appropriate pedagogical supervision.

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Is also covered by school insurance the sports activities and the child’s movement to practice sites such as a gym, a sports field, a swimming pool. In addition, optional activities such as. cafeteria, leisure activities or even excursions to the library, museum, theater. Contracts usually cover as well the tourssuch as green classes, discovery stays, snow classes.

It is also in order to participate in these trips outside the school that, as a rule, insurance is required from the academic authorities or the school’s management. MAE is the specialist in school insurance and allows you to easily and quickly sign a suitable contract.

Is school insurance mandatory?

Many parents wonder every year whether school insurance is mandatory, in other words whether the school can impose it. The law is clear, but often poorly known or poorly explained. She clarifies that School insurance is only mandatory for optional activities. The activities and lessons listed in the child’s schedule are covered by National Education. It is up to the school management and the teachers to ensure appropriate supervision and proper control of risks.

If your child does not have school insurance, he or she will not be able to participate in optional activities. He will be excluded from excursions to the museum, cinema, theater or municipal library. He will not be able to participate in school trips or language stays, as well as any exchanges with correspondents from another country. And the leisure activities that the municipalities arrange will also be closed to him. For the canteen, most companies require school insurance.

What about mandatory activities, including those that involve the risk of accidents due to travel? The rule is as follows: If these activities are included in the child’s or young person’s schedule, they do not require school insurance. You can therefore not be imposed on any contract. This includes trips to sports fields, swimming pools, gyms, even if they are not on the school grounds.

However, you have to keep that in mind school insurance provides additional coverage during these compulsory activities. It will be able to take responsibility for an accident as soon as possible before possibly turning to National Education.

What guarantees does school insurance provide?

School insurance covers children during school and leisure activities, whether it is optional or compulsory. This type of contract is for students from kindergarten to high school, through elementary school and college.

The guarantees offered vary from contract to contract. Parents can therefore choose according to real needs. Basic insurance includes a civil liability guarantee, that is, they cover damages that your child has caused to a third party, another student or an adult. You can also take out accident insurance, which covers any situation where the insured child is injured.

Various additional guarantees are offered by insurance companies. Thus, there are guarantees of theft if the student takes valuables, such as musical instruments or a computer. You can take out legal protection, an inpatient or illness package. Children equipped with corrective lenses have an interest in having insurance that provides adequate warranty in the event of glass breakage. Finally, there are also school insurances that cover trips with school driving. The period covered by the contract corresponds to the school year.

You want to know more about the guarantees for school insurance contracts ? Do not hesitate to contact MAE. A counselor can guide you and help you choose the contract that best suits your child’s needs.

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