A widower receives 80 children, no one wanted to be with them in their last moments

Mohamed Bzeek, ​​a widower, has dedicated his life to terminally ill children for over twenty years. Still, despite the tension associated with it, he prefers to be by their side until their last moment.

Children light up the world, and parents and guardians are usually willing to do anything to protect them. This task is generally more difficult for parents whose children are suffering from health problems.

Sometimes these problems can be corrected with a simple operation or even medication, but other times the disease is incurable.

While some children are fortunate enough to have parents or guardians who will do anything to bring them up and be there regardless of the challenges, others are not so fortunate.

Imagine a child struggling with a deadly disease, without anyone to lean on, and left to strangers at the mercy of an orphanage. Unfortunately, this situation is the reality for some children who have no parents to take care of them or no one to adopt them.

That’s what Bzeek discovered when he emigrated to the United States and discovered children who had been abandoned for one reason or another. This brave man became famous on social media when the news of his decision to help children went viral.


Bzeek became a popular name on social media after the news of his act of kindness went viral.

The man left Libya for the United States in 1978, but he quickly realized that the American dream he was pursuing had to wait for his arrival. He married a woman named Dawn in 1989, who cared for foster children.

In 1995, they both decided to devote themselves to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. Even after his wife died in 2015, Mr. Bzeek kept their promise because “it seemed natural to continue.”

The widower spent more than two decades caring for terminally ill children who had no one to care for them. In addition to the loss of his wife, who died of a blood clot in her lungs, Mr Bzeek lost a dozen children, but that did not stop him from being there for others.

Over time, Bzeek’s home has become a haven for terminally ill children who cannot speak or hear, as he has made it his goal to bring laughter and joy before saying goodbye to them.


It’s a roller coaster of emotions, but Bzeek struggles to keep his promise to his late wife. From 2017, he lived in California and is said to take care of a 6-year-old baby girl who was born deaf and blind. The little girl has microcephaly, it is a disease that causes the brain not to develop properly. According to Bzeek:

“The only way to communicate with her is by touch, and then I hold her in my arms. I want her to know that there is someone there for her. Someone loves her. She is not alone.”

Bzeek’s priority is to make sure her foster children feel safe. He even sometimes organized guards at their bedside so he could keep an eye on them. Its influence on children helps prolong their lives and gives them the peace they have never known.

Deputy Regional Administrator for Medical Case Management Services, Rosella Yousef, who is still sending the children to Bzeek, ​​said the following:

“Mohamed is an exceptional foster parent. It is his love and excellent care that have enabled the child he is currently caring for to thrive, as she was originally only expected to live for a few weeks. He kept her alive. far beyond her doctors’ expectations. ”


In addition to caring for his foster children, Bzeek also raises his son, Adam, who suffers from a bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. Bzeek told People:

“That is how God created him, but he is a warrior, just like the children who came to live with us.”

Adam is studying computer science at Citrus College, but can not use his hands much due to weak bones. Therefore, he is dependent on his father helping him with homework and simple tasks like getting dressed and taking a shower.

When asked why he set himself the demanding task of adopting children with special needs, he replied:

“Even though these kids can’t communicate, they have souls. They need someone to love them. I say to them, ‘It’s going to be okay, I’m here for you. We have to get through this together.’


In truth, not many can do what Bzeek does, but the husband also has other reasons than the promise he made to his wife. Her bond with the children comes from her ability to understand their predicament.

Loneliness was all he felt on his sickbed when he was previously ill, which means he can relate to how it feels to be sick and in need of help, and one cannot count on anyone.

Most of the children who spent their last months with Bzeek were brought to him as infants from Los Angeles County hospitals, where they had been neglected by parents who could not take care of them.

The story of this Libyan immigrant underscores the need to show care and kindness, especially to people who are unable to provide for their basic needs or who have no family to support them.

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