Gaël Métroz and Laura Garcia Broto, merger at work

For a long time, the artist was presented as a loner. In reflection on his art, where this is a priority, the painter or painter, writer and author could hardly flourish in a married life without forgetting the urgency of his art.

However, the intimate life is often the core of all creation. How does a couple’s life inspire creation, what are the problems during creation? Is there competition or emulation? Jealousy or annoyance? Confrontations or concessions? How do we share the roles if it’s a matter of sharing them? So many questions that we asked a couple of artists working in Valais. They tell us about the couple’s position in their artistic practice. A way to also be part of their creative principle. To sum up, the art and the couple are closely connected to all of them.

We’re both in the same boat.

Gael Metroz and Laura Garcia Broto

These two were made for each other. The same passion, cinema, but fell in a different way. Gaël makes documentaries in adventure mode, “Rimbaud’s Africa”, “In the footsteps of Nicolas Bouvier”, “Kalash, Pakistan’s last infidel”, just to name a few. Laura writes, books, scripts, has a background in the cinema in Barcelona. In 2011, Gaël has just finished filming for “Sâdhu”. In India, he meets Laura: “me, I just finished a movie”. “I’m a screenwriter!” she answers. Tracking back.

A proof

These are almost the first words they said to each other. “We were talking about cinema, and we realized that there was a man from Liddes and a woman from Barcelona who had the same film universe in their heads,” Laura recalls.

They are formed by working together, complementing each other. “I had many gaps in the narrative” there are many of Gaël, “a doc is also written a bit. Conversely, I trained her on camera on her latest documentary,” Ecorchées FIV “.

A fiction

Gaël Métroz and Laura have written a “Black Turban” fiction. Four years of their lives do just that, scouting in Spain, Morocco, Afghanistan, a fiction still looking for its funding, blocked by covid. “It’s our beloved project, we put so much passion into it.”

For now and in parallel, they make documentaries, always together. “Sometimes I was involved in a project like reindeer hiking, and I agreed to keep the camera only if I could take Laura with me.” “I also had to update my sound training, which was a bit outdated,” Laura admits. Their complementarity today goes so far as to pass the roles. For “Ecorchées FIV,” which deals with couples in an infertility situation, Laura is the instructor, “I usually hold the camera, but sometimes I take a step back and release the camera when the subject becomes sensitive,” Gaël notes. “We never shout at each other at work,” he insists again, “very outside,” he laughs, “because we have the same opinions and we respect each other a lot. When, for example, Gaël doubts a choice I can make, he says. I to myself that he has such a clear vision that I have to take care of. Conversely also … I never had the feeling that something was imposed on me. “

With us, there is never any conflict in creation.

Gaël and Laura established their production company, Epyc Films, together with Bertrand Coppey. “When it’s not very fun in the couple, as with any couple, we still have a project that works that brings us together and that we fight for. It’s positive for the relationship and makes it stronger. “

Gaël, however, is aware of the reality of a shared life in the “artist” state: “among my friends there is often a spouse who has a stable pole and the artist who is more swinging. We all have our eggs in one basket.” Anxiety then?

“At the birth of the children, I was very insecure,” Laura admits. “We have always lived on three sous while we have eaten rabid dog; it was clear that they could not live under the conditions under which I could live. (during the filming of Sâdhu, Gaël lived for a few months in a cave … ed. note)

Their news
“Scorched FIV” for Laura, while Gaël shoots two feature films. “Gilbert and Max”, two homeless people who support each other to get out of the street and “Roger Rey”, the story of a car racer from Sierre who continues his races at the age of 83 years.


The two acknowledge that together they have “ten times as many ideas.” Laura admires her husband’s enthusiasm: “he puts good energy everywhere, with him everything becomes more interesting and exciting.

Gaël, for her part, acknowledges that his wife is not afraid of anything: “She wants to publish a book, so she publishes it. She likes my idea of ​​”Black Turban”, and made it into a fictional feature film script. She’s not afraid to think big, and she’s getting there. “

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