Gonna have to love CF one day

The Impact / CF Montreal has a tumultuous history. Acrimonic relations with partisan groups. More changes to key positions. This bad impression of a daily micro-control according to the mood of the owner.

Culminating point, this risky “rebranding”, which led to the abandonment of everything that had been impregnated in the collective unconscious.

Kevin Gilmore is not as bad a manager as everything that is said about him in the public space. But he was one cast appalling for such a sensitive position. The result, with great blows of pride and with his ego on the opposite of modesty, he presided over this transformation.

Just like people who are insecure and unqualified for a job do. They impose, camped on their statutes. In the end, the resounding failure landed Gilmore in the unemployment office, not without igniting an already strained relationship with the club’s supporter groups.

Well in two years

I feel like I’m writing a chapter from 10 years ago. However … It’s because the water has started flowing again in big waves under the bridges since then. CF Montreal has come a long way in less than two years than in its entire history in MLS before.

This is the first time we feel the organization is so solid, so credible. Joey Saputo made a number of excellent decisions. As a result, the 11 Montrealers brought a child back from the organization to install him in the president’s chair. Gabriel Gervais is a tenor in business.

A rising star who could not refuse the call of the fatherland. The Impact is his team. Gervais has his letters and wants to know how to properly structure the various administrative departments of the club.

From the depths

Olivier Renard is equal to the initiated expression: end. The technical director shows undeniable flair for good trades. Very far on the list of MLS payroll envelopes, CF Montreal has one of the deepest lists. Injuries do not affect the results, the strength of the bench ignores them as much as busy schedules.

Playing four games in 10 days is not easy when your save is lukewarm. This is not the case with blue white and black. At the end of the season, it’s what will make the difference and allow fans to vibrate for a few playoff games of their favorites.

Wilfried Nancy amazes a little more every day. Philosopher, well-balanced between calm and storm, this formidable football head proves to be an exceptional instructor. To say that we even hesitated to call it Plan B after Thierry Henry’s hasty departure …

A rare visit

Tomorrow, CF will host Real Salt Lake from The money is there, Joey Saputo probably will not beg for a grant. He is a proud businessman who wants the best for his club. A stadium that needs love and a club that rightly asks for it. In the latter case, it is up to the followers to act. It’s up to the euro snobs to come and watch a match to see the high level of play in the MLS, which has been markedly improved in a few seasons.

Support groups to join the movement. Everyone, everyone in the stadium. Come on, Montreal!

Heart attack


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To Laval Rocket and its followers. The team of Jean-Francois Houle is very well prepared. She is also determined. This group led by veterans Xavier Ouellet, Cédric Paquette and Alex Belzile seems to want to write a great story. The packed houses gather at Place Bell, the buzz is good. It would be cool if it continued for a while.



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To the decision makers in Canadian Football League. The preliminary agreement of seven years on the renewal of the agreement has what it takes to almost completely numb the local content in the circle team. The survival and health of this league depends on greater respect for Canada’s extraordinary college football programs, but the CFL does not understand that.

A little 2 on …


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A victory for David Lemieux against David Benavidez tonight. Nothing scientific, just an impulse from the heart. I really like David. Charismatic, he is a fighter who does not choose. A lion who hurries with his head first, whose mission is always to hurt his opponent and delight boxing fans. New dad, Lemieux deserves one last beautiful big dance. That is for sure PunchingGrace.com

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