The best French crypto-influencers and youtubers to follow in 2022

Often very active on social media, digital asset enthusiasts usually follow certain personalities within the cryptosphere. Focus on the most important influencers in France.

While social networks occupy a prominent place in our society, numbers are emerging in many areas. This is also the case in the cryptocurrency sector with specialists in cryptocurrency mining, trading or more broadly blockchain technology.

Popularized among the population, this latest financial sector already has its heads, most of them with a significant number of subscribers on both YouTube and Twitter, with a very solid community base.

Hos Be[in]Crypto, we offer you a brief overview accompanied by a top of the crypto influencers that you can follow for the year 2022 and thus stay connected with the news related to the cryptosphere. With a varied profile, this ranking includes various specialists from the cryptocurrency world.

Contents :

  1. hasher
  2. Crypto matrix
  3. Julian Roman
  4. Crypto future
  5. Crypto the Throne

Already at the top of our list last year, Hasheur – whose real name is Owen Simonin – is still one of the great references in the cryptosphere. With his channel created in 2016he was one of the forerunners or “early-adopters” of cryptocurrency in France.

Very convinced of blockchain technology and what it can potentially bring to our society, he did not hesitate to drop out of business school to dedicate himself entirely to the blockchain world. later built his company Juste Mining, in continuous growth since its inception. This company also multiplies partnerships with especially several services provided to users (efforts, lending, parachains or even mining, etc.), and close collaboration with interesting projects such as Elrond of crypto-EGLD in particular and the (decommissioned?) Terra Luna.

The first French crypto channel in the number of subscribers, Hasheur publishes on its primary and secondary channel qualitative videos on various topics related to blockchain and its news.

Presented on YouTube for several years and also on Twitter, he appears fascinated by the world of cryptocurrencies. Without worries, the influencer is popularizing blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrencies in general to make them more accessible to the general public, to beginners, but also to experienced people.

For many of us, he has been an inspiration and a kind of “mentor” in the world of cryptocurrencies; it is still today and will probably be tomorrow.

2) Crypto Matrix (Enter the Crypto Matrix) +168,000 YouTube subscribers

While his YouTube channel has been created in March 2019, Crypto Matrix’s penetration of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies goes back many years. After a brief contact with BTC at the beginning of the token, he gave it up for several years to get closer to it again in 2016-2017 through bitcoin miningand when the bull race in 2017 began. Gradually he came closer to this world until he made it his main activity.

As mentioned, in March 2019, Crypto Matrix created its own channel to discuss with its growing community topics around cryptocurrency news (daily frequency for a year) with also analysis of major assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Finally, it also discusses other altcoins, presents new projects to its community, and walks around the table on blockchain-related news to promote their adoption, also through numerous tutorials.

Very active on his social networkhe spends many hours a day close to his community through his accounts Twitter and Discord.

3) Julien Roman +214,000 YouTube subscribers

Present on the YouTube platform before most of the other personalities on this ranking, Julian Roman passionately shares the themes that fascinate him. Finance and investment are the main characters in his videos.

Before we talk about cryptocurrency, Julien Roman is dedicated to financial investing in general by advising on many good plans or his personal and professional strategies implemented in real estate, on rentals, listed stocks and more specifically the entrepreneurial world.

Lately, he has been specializing more in cryptocurrencies with more and more videos on this topic. While its activity is 2 to 3 videos a week in generalhe discusses various topics ranging from his good cryptocurrencies (low cap and altcoins), tutorials and multiplies ideas for passive income.

Since he is not a specialist in technical analysis, he focuses on other topics and does not offer real technical analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum or other altcoins. On the contrary, it seeks to stand out through its responsiveness and versatility on passive investments, good plans linked to loans or far to cryptocurrencies, ICOs or even IDOs.

Much like Hasheur, it popularizes financing, investing, and cryptocurrency to make them available to a greater number of us.

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4) Crypto-future: 120,000 subscribers on YouTube

Mattéo, aka Crypto Futu, r is a young French youtuber who has been in the crypto industry for a few years now. Arriving in the world of digital assets in full bull run, in 2017, he is one of the “oldest” in the French cryptosphere.

At the helm of several projects (YouTube channel and social networks, creating crypto training or entrepreneurship) he is very productive and disciplined and spends a significant amount of time as close as possible to his community.

At the moment it is mainly through his YouTube channel that Crypto Futur is present in the world of influences as well as through its account Twittervery active all day.

Specialist in technical analysis and fundamental analysis, he discusses many topics within these almost daily videos. With its history of “bear market” and “bull run” periods, it has a certain expertise that makes it possible to make the most of these activities and investments related to cryptocurrencies.

In general, Crypto Future takes blockchain-related news into account by sharing news from Twitter as you proceed to the analysis of various indicators related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He also shares some of the investments he makes, especially those related to NFTs, and discusses of the most prominent French projects or the most promising in the cryptosphere.

5) Crypto the Throne: 100,000 subscribers on Youtube

Slightly less well known than its predecessors, it is nonetheless active, with almost daily videos. Additionally, the YouTube channel is off Crypto the Throne will soon exceed 100,000 subscribers (at the time of writing this article), which testifies to the attractiveness of its channel and the interest that cryptocurrency enthusiasts give it.

The throne, also called the “uncle “by his Community, analyzes the crypto market with high frequency to share its best forecasts with its subscribers. In general, it focuses heavily on Bitcoin and Ethereum, in addition to looking more sporadically at other altcoins.

very entrenched technical analysis, he gives his opinion, and his opinion counts in the crypto community. Because of his past from the classic stock market and the institutional world, his view of the markets is different and focuses on many indicators that other youtubers do not necessarily address. Thus, it also dwells on liquidations, short transhipment zones, whale movements and “smart money” in cryptocurrencies.

Present in the crypto world for many years, it has also already experienced periods of “bull run” and “bear market”, giving it real expertise. He also offers his subscribers to participate in his training through his “school“, Where you can make the most of your experience in the industry.


More concisely for our top this year, we are already looking forward to offering you next year’s top and observing the new entries or exits from this ranking. In fact, with cryptoadoption advancing in our society, more and more influencers are present in the French cryptosphere and it will no doubt be a difficult task to stay in this ranking.


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