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The crypto market is somewhat shaken at the moment. The new restrictions imposed by China have particularly shaken cryptocurrency prices. However, that is not all bad news. Among the positive news for cryptocurrencies, we can mention, for example, the new opportunity to make donations in Bitcoin on Twitter or the bright forecasts for Ethereum before the end of the year.

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Are you looking for ways to invest in crypto this month? Experience some corners to see in the coming weeks. These 5 cryptocurrencies for less than 4 euros could well show a nice increase in October 2021!

Curve DAO Token (CRV)

  • Current price: € 2.02
  • Capitalization: 858 million euros
  • World rankings: 89

Curve DAO Token is the management token for the decentralized exchange platform (Curve Finance). CRV is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform was launched in early 2010. It is specially designed forEthereum-based stablecoin exchange. It also allows stablecoin holders to make money when providing liquidity.

To work, Curve uses a decentralized financing solution (DeFi) called AMM (Automated Market Maker). To put it simply, it is one algorithm that facilitates transactions using pools of liquidity, rather than relying solely on traditional market buyers and sellers. This new decentralized technology reduces transaction processing costs and times.

At the time of writing this article, the price of CRV is around 2 euros.

Scale Network (SKL)

  • Current price: € 0.24
  • Capitalization: 299 million euros
  • World rankings: 144

Scale Network is a so-called “elastic” network that works hand in hand with Ethereum. The purpose of the Scale Network is toimprove the scalability of Ethereum, reduce latency issues, and reduce transaction fees.

The Scale network is a Tier 2 solution. It is a multichain blockchain network that can support a growing number of side chains for decentralized applications (Dapps).

Crypto strategist and trader Van de Poppe has announced that he is convinced that the price of SKL will increase this month. He claimed:

“We are ready for another race to the top here ($ 0.44 or € 0.38), which is likely to take place in October.”

With a current price around € 0.24, an increase of more than 50% is therefore expected. It’s worth betting a few euros on SKL in October 2021!

Graphene (GRT)

  • Current price: € 0.56
  • Capitalization: 2.6 billion euros
  • World rankings: 46

The Graph GRT token is used to operate the decentralized platform The Graph Protocol. This platform aims to make available all the information stored on the various blockchains. Thus, all transactions performed on blockchains can be consulted from The Graph Protocol.

Here’s how describes its usability:

“The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, starting with Ethereum. It allows you to extract data that is difficult to obtain directly.”

Many people refer to The Graph Protocol as ” Google Blockchain “. Today, which is available for less than one euro, it is a sure bet that this crypto will increase in October 2021.

Mina (MINA)

  • Current price: € 3.50
  • Capitalization: 876 million euros
  • World rankings: 86

My blockchain is described as “the easiest of blockchains”. In fact, it’s designed that way its size remains constant, although it is increasingly used. In fact, any Mina user can implement a complete node without any special equipment: just use a smartphone! With this ultra-decentralized operation, the Mina network secures the protection and confidentiality of users’ data.

Unlike other cryptos there are no limit on the number of MINA tokens that can be created. Furthermore, the token was designed on an inflationary model. The price of the MINA should therefore rise well beyond its current € 3.50!


  • Current price: € 3.35
  • Capitalization: 3.2 billion euros
  • World rankings: 39

EOS is an open source platform that aims tohelp developers create decentralized applications (or Dapps). In fact, blockchain technology is still new and under construction.

EOS therefore offers a range of tools and training support to facilitate the work of Dapps developers.

The price of the EOS token moves around € 3.40. EOS fell sharply during the month of September. Maybe now is the time to buy some EOS tokens before the price goes up again?

These ideas of cryptocurrencies to buy in October do not constitute investment advice or encouragement. Take the time to seriously educate yourself about a cryptocurrency before investing.


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