Four nonagenarian sisters tenderly care for their sick older sister, giving her a reason to live

When a 97-year-old grandmother discovered she only had days left, she decided to seek treatment at home. Shortly after, her four sisters flew out to look after her and make her feel loved.

True love knows no bounds, forges bonds that transcend time and space. When it all collapses, the power of love makes you realize that there is still plenty to be thankful for.

The story we share today is one of a beautiful bond between five sisters that inspires people of all ages to cherish love and family above all else.


When four older sisters discovered that their fifth sister was ill and had only one week left, they flew to see her.

As planned, the four sisters, all in their nineties, took care of their sick sister. They showered her with love, care and affection and helped her with everything.

The way they brushed her hair and showered her with hugs and kisses was even more adorable. The four sisters made sure that their fifth sister looked beautiful and loved every day.

Hauff’s grandmother receives extra care from her sisters. | Photo:


Nicole Hauff shared her grandmother’s incredible story with Love What Matters and expressed her thoughts on the unique bond that existed between the sisters.

The happy granddaughter noticed that her five grandmothers enjoyed doing things together.

She revealed that her grandmother would stay home for the last time and was happy to have her sisters there. Fortunately, she was still alive four months later and enjoyed being pampered by her family.


In a short video shared on Facebook by NTD Australia in April 2018, Hauff’s grandmother could be seen receiving love and attention from her sisters. The caption reads:

“My 97-year-old grandmother is lovingly cared for by her sisters, all in their nineties. When my sisters grow old, I brush their hair and make sure they look beautiful until the last minute.”

Mrs. Hauff said her grandmother and her four sisters always caught people’s attention when they walked into a room. She affectionately called the five older women “cute” and said they shared an undeniable love.

Netizens leaves heartwarming comments on the adorable video of Hauff’s grandmother with her sisters. | Photo:


During an interview with Love What Matters, Ms. Hauff explained that the five sisters were in the longest relationship of their lives and that they had been together longer than the time they spent with their parents and spouses. She also added:

“My grandmother and her sisters influenced my sisters and me to love unconditionally. We call them grandmothers, and they continue to teach us how to love well.”

Hauff mentioned that she was inspired by their brotherly love and promised to love and care for her own sisters in the same way. She also revealed that her grandmother lost her husband 20 years ago, adding that she was sure her sister’s love kept her alive.

The happy granddaughter pointed out that her five grandmothers loved making things together. They went to the gym, the store and the church together and enjoyed chatting on the phone daily.

Their excursion to the local Mexican restaurant was even more fun. There is no doubt that the special bond that Mr Hauff’s five grandmothers shared is truly heartwarming. If this beautiful story touched your heart, share it with your loved ones.

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