The first NFT trading club on Flow Blockchain

Barter Yard Club is the first NFT exchange service including a DeFi mechanism, built on the Flow blockchain network. According to their official website, it is a co-owned technology of “Members of Utility NFT, toolbox, DeFi and Governance club”. The founders of this NFT exchange service include Antoni (creative technologist and business developer) and Alexandre (tech guru).

The Barter Club recently announced an airdrop to celebrate the Flow Blockchain community

What is the Barter Yard Club?

Barter Yard Club is an NFT trading platform where you can be matched with NBA Top Shot collectors. More rewards are offered when you own a game. This can be done by holding a Werewolf NFT. One can swap and create the best possible collection; it requires having the best parts.

To get into the game, you need to acquire the first scalable, DeFi and help NFT. Then you need to create an offer on the NFT you want to exchange and share it in the club. You can also share it with a direct link or connect with someone who has what you need and vice versa. You can then receive NFT offers from club members or outsiders. Once you have accepted an offer, all club members enjoy unlimited trades. The exchange is handled safely and directly from purse to purse. The majority of the swap fees are then redistributed to NFT club owners.

Why should you acquire Werewolf Utility NFTs?

The Barter Yard Club has 10,000 unique Wereful Utility NFTs that can be redeemed to earn rewards paid by non-members. One of the features includes the endless trades offered to the owner. It helps to save while shopping with others without paying extra fees. In addition, being an owner gives you the opportunity to participate in management. One can also enjoy early access to future Community perks.

The club’s goal is to bring people and technology in line. They have a large network of partners which include BlocTo, Dapper, Flow, Rarible, Flowverse, Blocktobay, NFT Genius, Gaia and Ballerz.

Announcement of Barter Yard Club Airdrop

On May 16, 2022, the Barter Yard Club officially announced the airdrop on their Twitter channel. The sale aims to celebrate the Flow blockchain community of which they are a part. The exchange announced that the user has a chance to win another free werewolf. This would be possible for each issue number of NFT obtained during their public sale. However, the user must own at least one NFT hosted on the Flow blockchain.


In conclusion, the first DeFi trading system, Swap club aims to be the largest NFT company on the internet. Their goal is pretty clear: to create many tools to help the ecosystem flourish and grow. They look forward to unlocking people’s ability to exchange value and content on the Internet. This system will thus support the freedom to think, do and talk on the Internet.

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