This father and son help users who have “lost their bitcoins”

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Between 68,110 and 92,855 lost bitcoins (BTC), or up to $ 4.8 billion in cryptocurrency at current prices, could be recovered and returned to their owners, according to analysis by Chris and Charlie Brooks, a father and sons who lead Recovery of crypto assets.

They operate their business in New Hampshire, USA and specialize in recovering lost passwords from wallets containing locked cryptocurrencies. One of the company’s most recent projects involved recovering $ 250,000 in cryptocurrency from a wallet. For a portfolio comprising between 0 and 10 BTC, or an equivalent value, they charge a commission of 20%.

“We get a very wide range of customers. We have a customer who is a novice bitcoin miner who has lost all his information and he knows he has some bitcoins somewhere … We have customers, who in 2017 have been told to buy in. hype bubble and they bought 1000 USD [de BTC] and they need it today to pay their rent, “said son Charlie Business Insider.

By studying a thread on the BitcoinTalk forum, father and son identified 72 posts describing the loss of at least 0.5 BTC. Their analysis showed that 14% of them can potentially be recovered and that based on their experience they can crack about 35% of passwords. As a result, they concluded that about 2.45% of lost bitcoins could be recovered.

While many users at some point forget the password that protects their cryptocurrency inventory, most of them manage to recover it, as shown by a recent survey conducted by Cryptovantage among 1,021 US crypto owners. The survey showed that 39.7% of respondents had already forgotten their password, but 95.6% of them managed to regain access to their cryptocurrencies.

Companies like Crypto Asset Recovery are useful for investors who cannot find their passwords on their own. However, as David Exchanges previously told, “there are a lot of ‘bitcoin recovery’ scams out there. They have almost all two things in common. a percentage of the funds recovered. Second, they make impossible promises instead of trying to understand your situation. and offer you realistic advice. “

Industry players working in the cryptocurrency recovery field say that the vast majority of popular wallets are secure and that even if you are somehow stuck with your own wallet, there are a number of ways to access it again. Among these funds, some are new, while others are akin to detective work.


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