War in Ukraine: the NFTs of solidarity

Make art not war! – The crypto community invests especially in supporting the Ukrainian people. For example, Timepieces was actually already launched a collection to come to the aid of the peoples involved in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. A newly created Ukrainian charity, Pray4Ukraine, recently brought together hundreds of digital artists. They use art to raise funds for the Ukrainian army and civilians destroyed by war. The organization is also trying to use the power of art to help end the war in Ukraine.

10,000 NFT to help Ukrainians

The recently launched Ukrainian charity project, Pray4Ukraine, brought together hundreds of digital artists from across the country. These have created almost 10,000 works of art in NFT. In collaboration with Pray4Ukraine, the artists hope to raise money. The artists will donate the funds raised for humanitarian aid to support the country’s armed forces.

In a statement, the Pray4Ukraine team also revealed that the charity has already launched the sale of its NFT collection. This artistic collection consists of 9,930 works of art. According to the press release the funds raised during the sale will go directly to the wallet of Get back alive. This other charitable fund is involved “first humanitarian line since May 2014”. The statement adds that the financial reports will be published daily through the public channels of Pray4Ukraine.

Could war-torn Ukraine be saved by NFTs, no matter how beautiful it is?

The NGO Come Back Alive, which is very interested in the current geopolitical situation, received $ 3 million in Bitcoin (BTC) in a single donation a while ago. The donations that this NGO is currently receiving are intended to support Ukraine’s military efforts.

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The art of saving lives in Ukraine

In addition to raising money for Ukrainians devastated by war, the Pray4Ukraine team said they will also use digital art and NFTs to achieve the organization’s larger goals of end the hostilities between Ukraine and Russia.

“Pray4Ukraine’s mission is to show that everyone can help end this war and save countless lives in Ukraine. Digital art and NFTs offer the crypto community an alternative method of participating in a strong global solidarity movement. »

Statement from the Pay4Ukraine team

Pray4Ukraine aims to support civilians affected by the conflict in Ukraine, but also soldiers participating in the war effort.
The Pray4Ukraine fundraiser aims to help civilians affected by the conflict, but also the Ukrainian army.

According to the press release, one of the artists involved in the case, Olga from Kiev, refused to leave the capital. Truly, she “continues to channel his understanding of events (…) through digital art”. Another artist, Kamila, said so the war made it difficult to find inspiration. However, she is willing to help in any way she can. According to her, this is what allows her to overcome the challenges she has faced since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The crypto community stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the NFT community in particular, and donations are pouring in. Like what, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not only attractive volatility assets for traders. Above all, it is an investment that those who own it have control over. And in wartime, It is important to control your money. Ukraine had already understood this before the armed conflict that opposed it Russia. The country has effectively allocated legal status of Bitcoin and other digital assets since February 17, 2022.

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