100 I never have too much fun!

“I’ve never cheated on an exam …” If you’ve ever done that, drink! Here is an aperitif game that will make you spend a terrific evening.

Alcohol, revelation and fun will be part of the aperitif game I never have. This truth game is a must for parties! You do not need any cards, dice or other materials. You only need a bunch of friends or your partner.

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The rules of the game are simple.

The first player throws out a truth about himself, beginning with the phrase: “I have never …”. E.g, he announces to the other players: “I have never been unfaithful to my girlfriend”. If it turns out that one of the players has already been unfaithful to his girlfriend, he should drink his glass of alcohol. This game is very simple and can quickly be a lot of fun. The turns are connected and the players have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

All truths are good to tell ! You can get your friends in trouble by announcing truths you know about them. The more players you have, the crazier the game is. The players’ secrets will soon no longer be kept …

Good mood for this group of friends laughing and playing during an aperitif. Image Credit: In Stock

There are two versions of the game I never have. The first version is called I never have alcohol. As mentioned earlier, if you respond positively to the stated truth, drink your glass of alcohol. Of course, you need to be careful with alcohol and pay attention to your limits. Do not drive after drinking.

The second version is called I never for everyone. This version of the game involves handing out 10 sweets or 10 cards to players. If a person answers a question positively, they lose a candy or a card. The first player to lose all of their items loses the game.

Here are the 100 best I’ve ever had for partying !

cool truths

To start the game I never have, you can ask calm questions. Which means fun and casual questions. No doubt you will laugh!

Group of friends toasting during an aperitif, good mood and play I never have. Image Credit: In Stock

I have never spied on my neighbor.

2. I have never stolen anything expensive.

3. I have never lied to get out of an embarrassing or difficult situation.

4. I have never been rejected from a bar or nightclub.

5. I have never swum naked in the sea.

6. I have never transported anything illegal.

7. I never dreamed of becoming a movie star.

8. I’ve never seen cartoons because they make me laugh.

9. I have never sent an embarrassing message to the wrong person.

10. I have never fallen in public.

11. I never lied to my parents about where I was.

12. I have never been arrested by the police.

13. I never did anything that I later regretted.

14. I have never pretended to know a complete stranger.

15. I’ve never broken.

16. I never pretended to laugh at a joke I did not understand.

17. I have never pretended to be sick of staying home to play video games.

18. I have never confused a man with a woman, or vice versa.

19. I never called the wrong person and then pretended I wanted to talk to them.

20. I have never recorded myself when I dance or sing.

21. I’ve never screamed at a mosquito.

22. I’ve never lied since the start of the game.

23. I never bragged about something I did not do.

24. I never called my partner by one of my ex’s first names.

25. I have never flirted with anyone to win a bet.

Truths for a teenage night

If you’re with your girlfriends, this questionnaire never have I ever been perfect to learn a little more about each other’s secrets.

Another aperitif game: beer pong. Ideal for an atmosphere between friends. Image Credit: In Stock

26. I have never pretended to be sick to avoid going to school.

27. I have never been elected last in the composition of teams in sports.

28. I have never liked a teacher.

29. I have never flirted with a teacher.

30. I have never bullied a classmate.

31. I have never been unfaithful to a classmate.

32. I have never reported a classmate during a class punishment.

33. I’ve never seen a pornographic movie.

34. I never kissed a girl or a boy in middle school.

35. I have never tried to kiss a pillow to practice.

36. I’ve never had an online relationship.

37. I’ve never been on a dating site.

38. I have never been late for class.

39. I never lied to the teacher because I had not done my homework.

40. I have never cheated on a test.

41. I have never insulted a classmate.

42. I’ve never been to a friend’s boyfriend.

43. I’ve never stolen anything from a classmate.

44. I have never invented a disease that the physical education teacher should not teach.

45. I’ve never seen a movie that is restricted to under 18s.

46.I’ve never played spin the bottle.

47. I have never smoked a cigarette.

48. I have never drunk alcohol.

49. I have never smoked drugs.

50. I have never exceeded my phone plan.

Embarrassing truths

We continue the aperitif game with these embarrassing questions … Forbidden to lie ! There is only room for the truth.

You may be embarrassed after answering these questions in the game I never had. Image Credit: In Stock

51. I have never taken drugs or smoked cannabis.

52. I have never driven drunk.

53. I have never peed on myself.

54. I never slept outside when I was drunk.

55. I never called an ex when I was completely drunk.

56. I have never taken alcohol as an excuse for something I said and regretted.

57. I never freaked out because I thought I was pregnant.

58. I have never drunk on a public road.

59. I have never vomited from alcohol or drugs.

60. I’ve never played a drinking game.

61. I have never had a bottle of alcohol alone.

62. I have never done a barathon (going to the bar and jumping down a street in one night).

63. I have never taken a midnight bath naked.

64. I’ve never been to bed with someone who did not speak the same language as me.

65. I’ve never had a fight because of alcohol.

66. I have never declared my love for a complete stranger at a party.

67. I’ve never been caught having sex.

68. I have never left a completely filled voicemail.

69. I have never sent a se * to.

70. I never texted my boss by mistake.

71. I have never been caught farting.

72. I never dressed like the opposite se * e.

73. I have never been unfaithful.

74. I have never had a one-night stand.

75. I’ve never had sex in a public place.

Naughty questions between friends or with your partner

To end the evening in style, get a laugh without complexes with these naughty questions … You’ll probably learn a lot about your friends!

There will be no more secrets between you and your partner after playing Never Have I Ever. Image Credit: In Stock

76. I have never taken naughty pictures, nude pictures.

77. I have never had sexual relations with a person of the same sex.

78. I never recorded a naughty video.

79. I have never used the usual toys.

80. I have never insulted my partner in bed.

81. I have never been dominated.

82. I’ve never faked an orgasm.

83. I have never had threesome sex.

84. I have never slept with the same person as a friend, brother or sister.

85. I have never masturbated more than 3 times in the same day.

86. I’ve never been to bed with a married person.

87. I’ve never been to bed with a stranger.

88. I’ve never had sex anywhere but in a bed.

89. I have never been handcuffed.

90. I have never trained SM.

91. I’ve never had an open relationship.

92. I have never had a sexual relationship with someone who is 10 years older than me.

93. I have never had a relationship with my child’s partner.

94. I’ve never played strip poker.

95. I have never kissed more than one person in 24 hours.

96. I have never played role-playing games in bed with my partner.

97. I have never used the services of a prostitute.

98. I’ve never been to a club striptease.

99. I never had to get my clothes in a hurry because someone knocked on the door.

100. I’ve never taken a shower together.

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