A white man falls in love with a black woman and decides to marry her despite the distance

Some of the most sincere relationships are born right away and surprise us when we least expect it. This is what happened to a white man who fell in love with a young black woman. Keep reading to discover the exciting twists and turns of this story.

It all started in October 2005, when Veronicah Richards crossed paths with Terry Richards, who was in Kenya on his very first missionary journey. When he returned to his hotel in Amboseli, Kenya, his van collapsed. He had to tow it to a nearby workshop with the help of his team.

Meanwhile, Veronicah was stuck waiting to be driven to work. To her surprise, Terry noticed that she was sitting outside the store and joined her. They met and the flow went well between them.


Terry, then 26, opened up about her experience in Kenya and told Veronicah the reason for her visit to Kenya. He told her he had come to build a church in a remote area of ​​Kenya.

Veronicah was shocked when he told her that he had traveled the world after the call of his heart and that he wanted to spread hope and love. They sat and talked for an hour and connected almost instantly.

Before Terry left, he turned to Veronicah and asked her: “Do you want to take a picture with me so I can go home and show my friends how beautiful you are?”. Veronicah nodded and Terry asked a woman from his team to take the picture.


She also gave him her mailing address and asked him to send her a copy of the picture. Two weeks later, she received a copy of the photo in the mail along with a heartfelt note from Terry describing her trip to the United States. The end of the note read “You are so beautiful” in Swahili.

Like them, another couple made sure their long-distance relationship works and still goes strong.

Shortly after, the couple began exchanging letters, where Terry talked to Veronicah about the American climate, himself, his family, his church, and life in the United States. She also opened up about herself, the culture, the Kenyan lifestyle, the climate, the church and her family.


The duo continued to write and send photos to each other for almost a year. After a while, Terry returned to Kenya in October 2006 and asked Veronicah if she would join his mission team on a three-week trip.

During the trip, the couple grew closer and their relationship progressed. One night, before dinner, they were walking around the hotel, and a baboon startled Veronicah, who clung to Terry to support her. Like a movie scene, they then shared a sweet kiss.

Very quickly, the couple started talking about serious things, such as engagement and marriage. Veronicah told Terry that he must have an older talk with their parents in his name, in accordance with the traditions of his culture.


Veronicah then arranged for her father to meet Terry and the mission team. Peter, the team driver, spoke on Terry’s behalf and asked his father for Veronicah’s hand. When his father asked Terry why he chose Veronicah and not another girl from America, the man replied:

“I do not want another girl. She is the one I love and the only one I want.”

After asking permission from Veronicah’s father, the couple became engaged and Terry traveled to the United States to begin the immigration process. He returned to Kenya on 22 September 2007 and the following day the couple celebrated a traditional wedding with friends and family.


Finally, on March 21, 2008, Veronicah was allowed to enter the United States on a fiancé visa. The couple remarried in the US and have never divorced since. February 23, 2017 they were lucky to have a daughter, Sophia Imani. Imani is a Swahili word meaning “faith”.

Veronicah and Terry realized they shared the same dream of building an orphanage for women and children. In 2018, they purchased five acres of land at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and built “Imani Rescue Center International.”

As a Kenyan woman, Veronicah longed to help her people, especially women and children struggling with homelessness and poverty. The goal was to provide them with resources so that current and future generations would become more independent.


Given the incredible history of their relationship, Veronicah shared a strong message to people in long-distance relationships. She suggested that couples trust each other, stay engaged and maintain communication. She also said:

If you are right for one another, God will make it all work out no matter what.

What started as love at first sight turned into something much deeper for Veronicah and Terry, and we hope they will continue to be together forever. Like them, another couple managed to make their relationship work long distance and is still just welded.


As head of showbusiness, Ariel Ryals-Trammell from Tallahassee, Fla., Worked aboard a cruise ship, the Norwegian Dawn. New Year’s Day 2017she was so overwhelmed with preparations for the party, that she decided to take the air.

She went to a place on the ship reserved for crew members and began to stare at the star-filled night sky. It was there that she met someone who changed her life, Pardon Govheya. He was a waiter in one of the ship’s restaurants and came from Zimbabwe.

They talked about everything and nothing for a while. They discussed the pros and cons of life on the boat. They ended up looking up, but met again a few weeks later. Trammell was so happy to see him again that she invited him to a friend’s birthday party, and he said yes.


After the party, the couple drove to the same place where they had met each other on the boat and shared their first kiss in the rain. Shortly after, they started dating and went on romantic trips to islands and beaches. But reality set in when Govheya’s contract ended and he had to return to his country.

Despite people’s doubts that their relationship failed, the couple knew how to stay strong and united. They agreed to spend time together while on vacation. Trammell decided to visit Govheya in Cape Town, South Africa, where he had lived since he was 18 years old.

Between June 2017 and May 2018, the couple saw each other for a week in October, where Trammell suggested. They immediately hired a lawyer and began the fiancé’s visa process.


Trammell and Govheya are now happily married and lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Trammell explained that their love for each other has helped them overcome obstacles and get through difficult times. She added:

“If you’re currently in a long distance relationship with someone and you’re struggling, I can only say that if you both really love each other, you will find [un] way to make it work. ”

We are so happy that this beautiful couple managed to overcome the difficulties and showed the world that love has the power to conquer everything. What do you think of these international love stories? Tell us your reactions, and do not forget to share these stories with your loved ones.

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