all about the NFT platform dedicated to Street-Artists

Following 3D modeling, painting, generative art and photography, Street-Art is the major artistic movement currently revolutionized by NFTs.

Cryptos and NFTs are currently experiencing a slowdown, but despite this, some projects deserve special attention, including This is the new decentralized platform dedicated to #StreetArtNFT. This platform specializes in drops of NFTs collections made by Street-Artists. And unlike some platforms that aim to “tokenize” images of physical Street-Art works, invites artists to unleash their creativity through digital works. the decentralized platform dedicated to Street-Artists is a platform that street artists canexplore the world of NFT. Their goal is to guide street artists who want to get started in the NFT universe, by giving them resources to understand this environment, support on the technical part and an audience of collectors interested in this artistic movement..

What sets apart from other Street-Art x NFT platforms is that they invite street artists to experiment by creating native digital collections. The richness of this platform stems in particular from the fact that many artists, who may have already begun to create digitally, open up a field of possibilities in relation to collaboration with other artistic currents that were previously inaccessible. does not want to become a platform that displays images of existing physical works to sell them as NFTs. The vision of the founders is to succeed in creating Street-Arts Artblocks and to register as specialists in the #StreetArtNFT movement.

Founders and teams

Alexis D’Eudeville and Sebastien Rouby are the two founders of Alexis negotiated a perfect transition from Web 2 to Web 3 by leaving Google to create Streetlab.

As for Sébastien, after a stint in economics, he branched out into several entrepreneurial adventures and kept an eye on the Defi universe since 2018 to become passionate about NFTs.

They founded because they were convinced of it NFT technology is a fundamentally positive revolution for art and artists.

Julien Bessaguet is in charge of the technical part by wearing the CTO hat and Sonia Ankri is in charge of recruiting street artists and supporting them in the process of creating their collections.

The different partnerships is designed for welcome to all street artists who want to embark on the NFT adventure. The Streetlab Genesis collection is also designed by Yescka, a street artist from Oaxaca, nicknamed the “Mexican Banksy”, for whom this collection is a first step into the NFT universe.

Streetlab wants to attract the attention of street artists, galleries, schools, museums and collectors’ clubs. More than 25 world-renowned street artists have already joined the adventure. Especially Difuz, Nephrite, Chad, Lafleuj, Mehdi Cibille, Falko, Sam Elgreco, Dalek, Jason Naylor, Lucas Beaufort, Shane. launches its Genesis collection

To fund and operate, a Genesis collection designed by Mexican street artist Yescka becomes launched on June 2, 2022. The latter consists of 4444 NFTs.

Inspired by the El Dia des Los Muertos tradition in Mexico, these figures represent freedom fighters returning from the dead. Their mission is to guide street artists towards the NFT scene to make their messages resonate and combat censorship.

How to buy an NFT Genesis?

The role of the Streetlab Genesis collection for the platform

  • Possible access to part of the platform’s revenue
  • privileged access to future drops hosted on Island
  • the opportunity to sponsor one Riddle-Artist and unlock a “referral bonus” equal to 5% of the amount generated by all the artist’s drops on the platform, for life

This is how Streetlab works

Any artist is free to access the center of Streetlab resources and join the community disagreement to learn about NFTs. But to be presented and promoted by Streetlab, artists must apply by presenting themselves their project.

Streetlab uses all the codes and handles of Web 3 to build a community and decentralized platform. Each member of the community is an actor and has the concrete means to participate in the development of the movement #StreetArtNFT.

Referral bonus

Rewarding active community members and encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration is a core part of the platform.

For this reason, any holder of a streetlab can genesis sponsor a street artist on the platform. The sponsor will receive 5% of the primary sales generated by the referred artist without affecting the artist’s share.

Bestsellers on Streetlab

Inspired by Artblocks, the platform offers a page that will present all the collections on which the drops of the selected artists appear. Several types of drops can exist side by side on the platform: Auctions for 1/1, fixed price collections, etc. focuses only on drops and the primary market. All the collections will then be available in marketplaces such as Opensea or LooksRare in the secondary market.

Streetlab business model

The development of the Streetlab platform and its launch will be funded primarily by sales of the Streetlab Genesis collection. The sources of income will be:

Service fees

Service fees on represent 15% of all primary sales hosted by the platform. The distribution of secondary costs will be discussed individually with each project.

Streetlab Genesis Secondary Market

The majority of all secondary market royalties generated by Streetlab Genesis will be allocated to the Treasury.

As Streetlab evolves, the team and community will take every opportunity to launch new projects. The main purpose is to continue to develop the project by bringing value to all proprietors of Streetlab Genesis.

Governance at StreetLab

As mentioned in the presentation was Streetlab built by society for the benefit of the latter, as a decentralized organization. Governance mechanisms aim to reconcile decentralization and efficiency. The adopted structure thus comprises three levels of governance, in particular:

Level 1: Streetlab members

To be eligible, you must be holder of at least 1 Streetlab Genesis NFT. This gives the right to privileged access to future drops (pre-sale, discount, exclusive drops, etc.), the opportunity to sponsor a street artist and the fact of voting to select the artists who want to participate in the platform.

Level 2: The Curator Club

To become a curator, you must get one of 88 Streetlab Genesis NFTs with a secret property. They make up this club’s membership card.

This membership allows enjoy all the benefits of level 1. Members of the trustee club enjoy all the benefits of Level 1 with the addition of access to a share of the profits generated by the platform, quarterly. Note that every quarter there will be a big raffle among all Streetlab Genesis holders to select 22 people who will also share the same share of the profits as the members of the trustee club.

Level 3: Super Curators

For this last level, members are selected by Streetlab’s core team on purely qualitative criteria. This category provides access to a privileged space on the platform to create specific #StreetArtNFT collections. So far, only one super-curator has been revealed: it’s the famous Museum of CryptoArt founded by Benoit Couty.

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