FOOTBALL – Frédéric Bornoville: “It was the goal of the Camons reserve to go up to R3”

On the occasion of its penultimate league match, the American Camon Reserve formalized its promotion to Regional 3 after a 13-2 victory against Villers-Bretonneux. The coach of this young team, Frédéric Bornoville, tells us about the keys to this successful season.

Was it the original goal to go up in the reserve?

The goal was to go up to R3, it was from the start put together with the staff and the steering group. I had a very interesting group consisting of many young people, supervised by two or three more experienced. The players who came down from the first team group always played the match, so that was a significant point. It was a hyper receptive group, very determined to achieve the goals.

How do you manage a group that changes every week?

We have the same speech from the start of the season where we try to worry everyone, all the time, paying attention to everyone. There is also a great deal of communication because you have to make choices. Sometimes they are not understood so you have to explain them and in the end it went really well.

When we propose a project with an R1 and an R3, it is always attractive to the players

Frédéric Bornoville, US Camon reserve coach

Especially since there have been many moves in the first team …

The first was Maxime Jose’s injury, which led to the emergence of Quentin Chivé, finally it was Karel (note: Bornoville), my son, who played with me in goal all season. Then there are the maladapted, the suspended players, the players who unfortunately are no longer there today. The group of a reserve is brought to develop regularly, but I still had a core of five, six players who have been there almost the entire season with us.

This increase can only be positive for next year …

Absolutely, the goals were to go up so these young players could get tougher and continue their training. When we propose a project with an R1 and an R3, it is always attractive to the players. Knowing that if they are not called up to R1, they are still playing in R3 at a very interesting level, and for young players, it allows them to harden up for a year or two before going upstairs to watch -on above.

It is a club that works well in young people

Frédéric Bornoville, US Camon reserve coach

The first team aimed for better this year, B will only be two divisions apart next season, what does that say about the club?

I think it’s a club that works well with young people. Afterwards, there is a bit of disappointment compared to the results on the first team this year, I think we had a way to do better. Unfortunately, that could not be done. We remain an ambitious club with the goals that will be set for next year. For R3 it will be getting good support and then we will get into the game if we have the following results. But I prefer to wait to know which group I want before setting goals.

What are the connections between the reserves and the first team?

In the first part of the season, everyone trained. Then there was another part of the season where we preferred to separate the groups so we could reach goals, work a little more on the tactical aspects of the reserve. In relation to game plans, we often play in 4-2-3-1, this is often the case on the first team as well. So at the system level, it is often the same.

Can you see any of the youngsters you have coached move up on the first team next season?

Yes, I think some have the potential. Now they have to continue to assert themselves and I think they will get their chance if they are in the same dynamic as this season. On the first team, there are Nassim (note: Megharbi) or Yassin (note: Faïz) kids I had in U15, U16 on Camon, so I’m happy to see them play at that level. There is still potential with the U18s going up next year, also some interesting U17s. There is plenty to do. Then you have to find the right composition between young people, experience and above all form a team and a real group.

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