In a bear market, crypto employment continues its bull market

What if the next bull run was crypto employment? – In the late 90’s, who could have foreseen the influx of opportunities that would spring from the fun revolution of the time, The Internet ? Here the question arises again today. Do we see a similar pattern reproduced with web3 ? In any case, this small world remains in turmoil despite the current crisis. That specialized recruiters within cryptocurrencies confirms it. They do not see any decline in job offers in the sector, on the contrary. Strange phenomenon in a context where technological stocks are suffering. Let’s dig the trail.

Web3 and crypto companies, tomorrow’s popular job?

that the market is gloomy and your scrotum is bleeding? Decreased morale? Cryptos are known for their high volatility phases that generate extreme emotions. However, there is a sure way to continue living off your passion while trying to save your wallet. that crypto labor market. For it does not seem to know the crisis.

Traditional technology companies are struggling. Some have even recently announced one reduction of their staff in this context of market downturn. Twitter, Uber, Amazon, Robinhood, the list goes on. Netflix terminated the contract with 150 employees this week. Earlier this month Meta, formerly Facebook, freeze hires. In short, all companies in the sector seem to be in difficulty. All? Nix! A sector populated by hard blockchain and web3 enthusiasts is still and always resisting the darkness of the market.

According to recruiters from Crypto recruitasked by our colleagues from Cointelegraph, the sector seems to have been slightly affected.

“We heard about a big downturn in the tech sector, but we hardly noticed it. On the contrary, we see that many more candidates want to enter the cryptocurrency market. We have been flooded with applications for quality candidates and have vacancies across all sectors. “

Cryptorecruit, May 18, 2022

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Behind the tree in a gloomy market hides a forest of opportunities

Neil Dundon’s company, Crypto Recruit, is a recruitment specialist dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry. Their teams, spread all over the world, the United States, the Asia-Pacific region and Europe make the same observation.

“We have not seen a slowdown in employment in this sector. We are busier than ever”

Neil Dundon, founder of Crypto Recruit

Kevin Gibson, founder of Proof of search, a blockchain recruitment company, also spoke on the subject. According to him, most projects in the crypto sector are in the start-up stage. They still work thanks to the funds raised in recent years.

Furthermore, according to Gibson, there is one large imbalance between available talent and business needs. In fact, even if some start-ups were to disappear along the way, it would not be noticed in the job market. The talents of the sector would soon receive other suggestions.

As there are many vacancies and few qualified talents, the latter are offered many job opportunities.

The other new trend is the gradual influx of web2 talent to web3 start-ups.

“Most innovative web2 technology companies allocate at least a budget to consider how they could incorporate blockchain into their models. So not only are companies venturing out into the field, but graduates are pouring in as traditional technology cuts.”

Neil Dundon, founder of Crypto-recruit

According to a study by LinkedIn published in January last year, has crypto-related job postings jumped 395% in the US between 2020 and 2021. Compared to only 98% for the tech industry as a whole in the same period. The most frequently filled positions are blockchain developers and engineers. But in the long run, all employment sectors could be affected. Lawyers, community managers, NFT artistsweb designers, gamers PlaytoEarn, educators, journalists, editors … and many other professions that have not yet been invented. Then get ready for your next one maintenance in the metaverse ?

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