Lio breaks down by talking about his six children: “I was confronted with their enormous suffering every day”

This Sunday, May 22 at France Inter, Lio spoke about his relationship with his six children, complex ties and a painful past that the singer evoked in tears.

Undoing is a part of life. Yes Leo was the interpreter of the jovial “Banana split“or”Les Brunes does not count for plums“, The singer has a heavy past, which she does not hesitate to tell about in the media. Domestic violencefamily or sexual violence suffered when she was a child, the 59-year-old artist has experienced many traumatic events. The former jury member of the Nouvelle Star again confided on May 22 at Thomas Sotto’s microphone, in Off-road at France Inter. mother of six children born to four different fathersLio has never hidden the difficulties she may have encountered in her parenting.

When the presenter asks him:Have you been judged by society with this somewhat peculiar family structure? […]?“, the singer and actress of Portuguese origin replies in tears that if her children are well today, it has not always been the case:”I’ve never been uncomfortable with that. They’re okay. I can not believe it. It’s been so hard for many, many, many years … They were not okay […] I was confronted with their enormous suffering every day, without always knowing how to react to it. And certainly by not reacting to them at the height of what every child deserves.“, she explains. But behind her tears, no guilt, except the awareness of not having been present enough at crucial times:”I feel responsible for many things and they have to hold me to account. I’m here to answer them. That is their most legitimate right. But I have never regretted anything.“, she adds.

Lio: “The rape […] it looks like a murder “

Lio also responded to the comments fromElisabeth Borne. During his inauguration, the Prime Minister wanted the little girls to go “at the end of their dreams“, dedicated his appointment to Matignon to them. A quote that did not touch Helena Noguerra’s sister:”Before, I would say to little girls, ‘Have the chance to go to the end of your life, because when you go out at night, you run the risk of being raped.’ Rape is a crime. And I want to tell you, it feels like a murder“, criticizes the family’s mother. The latter, committed against violence against women, confided that she was raped at the age of 10 by a relative of her family. A shocking story that she had especially delivered in March last year in Télé Loisirs.”Before we ask little girls to go after their dreams, let’s give them a community that allows them to do so.“, she concludes about France Inter.

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2/12 –

Lio talked to Thomas Sotto about his difficult relationship with his six children.

© Lionel Urman

3/12 –

Lio had six children, born to four different fathers.

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4/12 –

Lio says he has not regretted this choice, but regrets that his children suffered.


5/12 –

If his family is well today, Lio remembers moments of “suffering” when he was unable to help his children.

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6/12 –

Lio says, however, that he is available to answer his children, who are now asking him for accounts.

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7/12 –

Lio is particularly affected by his own difficulties. Her parents separated when she was a child in Portugal, a heartbreaking event when she was reportedly torn from her mother.


8/12 –

Lio is also committed against violence against women. She said she was raped by a relative of her parents when she was 10 years old.

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9/12 –

Lio recently opened up about his financial struggles.

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10/12 –

Nubia Esteban (daughter of singer Lio)
Among his six children, Nubia Esteban, very close to his mother Lio.

© Marc Ausset-Lacroix

11/12 –

Former jury member of the Nouvelle Star, Lio continues to appear on stage and on television as in Les Reines du Shopping.


12/12 –

Lio was revealed in the 1980s with hits like “Banana Split”, she is 59 years old.

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