Migrations: at the gates of the United States, children first, with God’s help

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By Redaction Reform with AFP

Unborn children, born on the way to exile or left behind: the fate of migrants is linked to their offspring in American countries where the right to land prevails.

Joy Day: On the morning of Friday, May 20, Jocelyn and his four-month-old wife, Berline, legally crossed over to the United States, so their second child, coming in October, will no doubt be American. A relief for this Haitian couple, who claim to have been sent back to Port-au-Prince on February 7th. “If my son is born there, it’s better for me and for himJocelyn smiles just before she moved from Reynosa in northern Mexico to McAllen in Texas, after a journey started in 2015 that led them to Chile. “My first child was born in Chile. He is Chilean. He can live there without any problems. Not us. So if my son is born there (in the US), he does not need a visa! ”adds the danger of a two-year-old baby sleeping in his arms.

I want a stable life“, Adds his wife of 25 years, who also wants her neighbor child born anywhere in the United States. “I want a better life for him. I suffered a lot“. United Saturday night at a McAllen center, the family wants a tentative title and wants to raise $ 400 to join relatives in the state of Georgia. But be careful: “only God knows“If the child is born in the American Promised Land, the father says with caution and fatalism after so many ordeals.

“Unfair arrest”

Unborn children, children born on the road or taken along the roads of exile, children who remained in their country: the fate of migrants is largely linked to their offspring in American countries where the right to land prevails. Carolina (first name changed), in her thirties, says she fled Tegucigalpa to save her three teenage boys from forced recruitment to the ranks of Mara Salvatrucha, the gang that terrorizes Honduras – and who once had their father’s skin. Her youngest was born in April in Tapachula on the border between Guatemala and Mexico. The quiet nursing baby has spent a third of his life in detention. Carolina actually blames the Mexican services for migration to have kept her for twelve days.

An unfair arrest“, she proclaims as she rests in a reception center on the shores of the Rio Grande. “They said they could not deport me because the baby is Mexicannot “.” Migracion “will finally give him permanent residence in Mexico. But she does not care: the family would like to join the baby’s father who lives in Houston. One of his sons even claims that he is ready to swim if necessary over Rio Bravo (as it is called on the Mexican side) .He does not need it: Carolina and her four children were also able to cross the border legally Saturday morning.As a revelation by the Conservative judge who had ordered the day before the maintenance of a restrictive measure taken at the time of Donald Trump (Title 42). “Tyou are going to have hard days, but never a day without God“, Proclaims the profile picture of the WhatsApp account of the young mother.

“We are scared”

Pregnant women and children -unschooled- represents a good portion of the more than 2,000 migrants waiting in Reynosa (a figure given by the local and Texas press). “We now have 200 pregnant women ”, says Pastor Hector Silva, whose reception center “Senda Vida” (The Way of Life) is overwhelmed. Already a mother of two, Pascale, a 25-year-old Haitian, spent the night in hospital for treatment following a miscarriage in the third month of pregnancy. “They said it was because of stressSlips the young woman, who claims to have paid 700 pesos ($ 35) in medical expenses.

There are women who have not received any medical follow-up in the sixth month of pregnancy. “, notes Anayeli Flores, from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). “With these newcomers, we have seen an increase in our consultations of pregnant women of three weeks“. Among the migrants are those who left children, like this couple who also fled the violence in Honduras. It is difficult, they admit, when talking about their children of 10 and 8 years and 18 months. “We’re scared. But we trust God“.

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