Choo Family Store: Design for the benefit of children

Gone are the days when the child’s room looked like an annex to the nursery or school. From now on, parents want the children’s room to be integrated harmoniously with the rest of the house.

To meet these new desires, online sales sites dedicated to children are flourishing. Among them the Choo Family Store. The concept store stands out by offering quality, environmentally responsible and trendy products. Below is an interview with Alicia Valli, the creator of the Choo Family.

How was Choo Family Store born?

The idea came to me in 2012 when my second child was born. I was looking for a website to make a birth list and I did not find what I liked. So I set up my own store in Avignon and then a website dedicated originally to creating birth lists. Over time, the e-shop has grown to present everything you need for babies: clothes, prams, various accessories, etc. For 3 years we have also offered decorative products for the whole house, as well as linen and textiles.

Why this craze around childcare products?

Today, parents imagine their baby’s room as the continuity of the house. They are therefore looking for practical, robust but also aesthetic products. Finish fluorescent colors and plastics, families looking for soft colors, in harmony with the times and objects with a real design. A baby chair or a high chair is permanently in the living room, so we prefer beautiful products, in harmony with the decoration of the room. At the same time it is impeccable from a quality point of view.

It’s a bit the same for the diaper bag. It no longer has to be just a practical accessory for childcare. The puzzle bag is now a fashion item in itself. Children’s brands therefore compete in the imagination to offer diaper bags that are both trendy and easy to use.

At Choo Family Store, we offer a very wide range of products, so parents can find everything they need without having to run around! The idea is also to make it easier for them to make a list of births, without multiplying the points of sale and thus the shipping costs.

What are the flagship brands on your site?

We prefer environmentally friendly, practical products made in France and Europe.

Among the 80 brands present on the site, we find Liewood. This is a very trendy Danish designer, who offers everything you need for babies, clothes, accessories for meals or baths, games … all in very beautiful colors, mustard, peacock blue, cream etc. These are robust products, made to last over time, made with durable materials such as cotton, silicone. The idea is to keep a harmony between the different accessories.

We also offer brands that are off the beaten path like Jellycat. In addition to the well-known rabbit and teddy bears, the brand offers quirky stuffed animals like them in the form of fruits and vegetables. One of Jellycat’s “bestsellers” is also an adorable squid outfit. Its tentacles are reassuring for baby as they remember the umbilical cord.

In general, we are in favor of brands that know how to innovate and that offer everyday objects, environmentally responsible and with a broad aesthetic dimension.

What is the main trend in your industry?

When we launched our activity, there were very few concept stores like ours in France. Today, the market is expanding and there are a host of micro-entrepreneurs entering the childcare market on the internet. At Choo Family Store, we challenge ourselves every day to offer the best. Faced with success, we moved our physical store to a 700 m area still in Avignon, with one dedicated to children and the other to the house. While keeping the e-shop, where it is still possible to create a birth list.

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