Graces: 6 months probation for injury at Camus College

Several young people had broken into Albert-Camus College in Graces, causing injury. © Echo

On Friday, May 20, a 20-year-old young man was convicted by Guingamp criminal court of breaking into the Albert Camus College in Graces between May 21 and 24, 2020, and causing injury at a meeting. The accused was heard at video conference from Lorient-Ploemeur Prison Center in Morbihan, where he has been incarcerated since November 2020. He was to be released in February 2023.

The intrusion into the establishment

“You are accused of acts of injury committed at a meeting, of entering the institution, of having damaged the door to the dormitory, the gate of a room with sports equipment, the door of the teacher’s room, of having manipulated the computer in the teacher’s room. Two fire extinguishers have also been used “one of which was emptied to the ground for damaging the sports mats”, the presiding judge states. “It is with a DNA trace that the investigators went back to one of the participants and then identified the others, including you”, the judge continues .

“You admitted the facts to the investigators?” The judge asks. “There are things I have not done,” said the defendant. “You are heard as a co-author or accomplice, you understand? asks the judge. “I understand. In truth, it’s a real children’s story. I’ve already spent two years here, it’s just a story about children, that. It bothers me more than anything else!”, Minimizes defendant.

“Oh yes! It’s not just you who took the lead, okay! The college that also suffered the intrusion and the injury!”, Hallucinates the judge, who remembers the six mentions the defendant has in his criminal record. “It starts in 2019, “It will end in 2020. Theft, driving without a license, violence against anyone responsible for a public service mission, drugs, injuries. You will have three years off in 2020 for burglary and drug use,” he explains.

“I’ve been in jail for two years. In reality, there are those kinds of humiliations, to me it’s rubbish of children,” the defendant insists. “It is well known! As soon as we’re in a group, when we’re your age to have fun, we get into a school, we steal things, we degrade things … That’s perfectly normal, shit kids! It happens to everyone. In our lives we have all had such a passage. Is that what you’re saying? asks the judge in astonishment.

The judge disappointed with the defendant’s position

“Personally, since I have been in prison, I say to myself that it is useless to come back here. Honestly harm, that’s stupid. It’s small things, it’s shit, we could have done without it, ”the accused continues.

The judge, discouraged by the defendant’s position, gives the floor to the prosecutor: “Particularly heinous facts, which take place in a school, a place where the youth of this country are supposed to find the opportunity to flourish, with the material made available to him and sir, have found nothing better than to go and degrade what allows our young people to move on in life! ”, the prosecutor is indignant.

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“Today, I am disappointed to see Mr not asking himself who minimizes the facts and saying that it is the actions of children … but actions that have serious consequences!”, Continues the prosecutor, who is demanding a sentence of 6 months imprisonment with a suspended sentence of two years, duty to work, prohibition from coming into contact with the perpetrators, going to the crime scene and the duty to compensate the victim.

The court finds the defendant guilty and follows the prosecutor’s requisitions. The young man must also pay an amount of € 2,000 in compensation to the college. “Where can I find the € 2,000?”, The defendant responds at the end of the video conference.

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