Our selection of the best visual novels to play on PC

If you like interactive novels, these narrative video games, here are the best visual novels on Windows PC or Mac.

Do you like reading books? Do you love video games? Perfect, because here we are going to talk about visual novels on PC. Although there are even more on the mobile, visual novels (interactive novels) on computer are just as interesting.

What is a visual novel? “The term visual novel is a wasei-eigo, a Japanese word formed from words in the English language. The genus is also denoted by the common abbreviation NV. […] In Japan, visual novels are considered adventure games. […] This type of media is closer to a book than a video game. It consists of a frame in which text scrolls, generally accompanied by images and sounds, and which tell a story. In most visual novels, the reader has the opportunity to intervene in the course of history through text selection ”tells us Wikipedia.

So here are our favorite PC visual novels!

The Otome game Eldarya and her brother Amour Sucré

Among our favorite visual novels on PC, there is obviously its subgenre, otome game. A type of visual novel based on the chosen game and on “lovometer” system. Your character interacts with other non-players and can thus get emotionally close to them based on your answer choices. Choice of raising or lowering the lovometer, which also affects the course of history. ONE flirt games which we like.

Eldarya and sweet love are both published by Beemoove. In either case, you will have to make choices, wander through the universes, and follow narrative episodes by collecting points (Manaa for Eladrya and PA for Sweet Love). In addition to following the story and moving forward in the plot, your mission will be to collect illustrations, but also to increase your lovometers. The goal ? Get your favorite boy or girl.

Note that you can in both games customize your character with clothes bought or won at events. In Eldarya there is even a “marketplace” where players can sell their clothes, accessories and well known (animals you can breed).

Both are also free with in-app purchases and available on PC and mobile.

Synopsis of Eldarya:

Eldarya is a fantasy-narrative love game. Do you like otome games, amazing creatures and the fantasy universe? Eldarya was created for you! Elves, vampires, mermaids, dragons and other amazing creatures are waiting for you. Mystery and romance are waiting for you! This role-playing game (RPG) features new episodes and events on a regular basis. Log in every day so you do not miss any news! Two adventures are available to you, which one will you choose?”We can read on Apple’s mobile store.

Sweet love synopsis:

“Choose to live your story in high school, college or the job market. Over 60 episodes to play in total, with a new episode each month! In Amour Sucré – High School Life you can experience the everyday life of a high school student in Sweet Amoris. You will meet colorful and unique boys.Want to succumb to the bad boy, the top of the class or the nerd?

In Campus Life, you can juggle between college and your job at Cozy Bear Café! Maybe you will encounter the love of your life there … Rather forbidden romance or childhood love? In Love Life, flourish both in your work and in your romantic relationship! Who will you choose to start your adventure with? The modern art teacher or the charming lawyer?We read on Google Play.

Best visual PC novels: Doki Doki Literature Club

Among our favorite nisual novel pc games is also Doki Doki Literature Club. In this video game, which is available on PC, mobile, but also Switch, you get into your school’s literature club. You will meet the members there and learn about their secrets. Despite the look, this game is really not suitable for the youngest. Like Eldarya and Amour Sucré for that matter.

Welcome to the Literature Club! I have always dreamed of doing something special with the things I love. Now that you are a member of the club, you can help me make this dream come true in this cute game! Every day is full of nonsense and fun activities with all the adorable and unique members of my club: Sayori, the young sunshine who values ​​happiness most; Natsuki, the deceptively sweet girl who has an assertive punch; Yuri, the shy and mysterious one who finds solace in the world of books …

And of course Monika, the club leader! It is me ! I’m super excited that you’ll be friends with everyone and help the Literature Club become a more intimate place for all my members. But I can already say that you are a lover – will you promise to spend the most time with me? ”informs us the official website of the game.

in reality flirt gamesthis game is also a perfect one horror game filled with irony and very sick. Again, do not be fooled by the kawai side of Doki Doki!

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The Life is Strange series: a very telling video game

In line with PC visual novels, we also have Life is Strange. Strictly speaking, this game series is actually not a visual novel. We have e.g. power to move in space play here. However, the narrative mechanics remain the same as in the other NVs. Choices must be made that affect the story, one romantic storytellingbut also a system of hidden lovometer.

Primarily Life is strange, you play as Maxine Caulfield, a photography student at Blackwell University. This will clear up many mysteries related to the butterfly effect. It can in particular go back in time very suddenly.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is the sequel to this game. The video game follows Captain Spirit, Life Is Strange 2 and finally True Colors.

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