Quentin Bachelet talks about his relationship with his father Pierre Bachelet, who left his mother for his aunt, who fell in love with the singer as a 16-year-old

Pierre Bachelet left his wife and son to start a new life with Fanfan. Quentin Bachelet was still small when the story between his father and his aunt took its toll. Years later, as he follows in the footsteps of his late father, he reveals a few words about it.

The French singer Pierre Bachelet was born in Paris on May 25, 1994. He died at the age of 60 after thirty years of musical career.

Before he fully flourished in the world of music, he worked with commercials. To the delight of his fans, this job harassed him quite early.

Then he returns to his first love and decides to write songs. He was best known for the titles “Elle est d’ailleurs” and “Les corons”. In addition to well-known titles, he has released several film credits.

Singer Pierre Bachelet poses during a portrait session in Paris, France 03/03/1998. | Photo: Getty Images

During his life, Pierre married three times. He had his son Yannick with his first wife. Then he divorced her and married Danièle, who is Quentin’s mother. Then his third and final marriage to his aunt caused a scandal.


Pierre stayed with Quentin’s mother for 24 years before leaving her for someone else. It turns out that the latter is her own sister-in-law Françoise. Their story then created conflicts between the two sisters and within the family.

Pierre Bachelet and his wife. | Photo: Getty Images

Despite the opposition, the two lovers decide to get married in 1998. According to Françoise, known as Fanfan, she fell in love with him when she was only 16 years old. He was still in a relationship with his big sister, and she therefore preferred to remain silent for years.

“I immediately fell head over heels for him! … I was sixteen, he was thirty. He was not known yet. I heard it before I saw it. I said to myself, “What is this voice? Who is that guy!” “

she confessed in an interview years later.

The composer and singer Pierre Bachelet with his wife at home on February 27, 1986, France. | Photo: Getty Images

You should know that the complicity between Pierre and Françoise Bachelet was very present. She was his greatest and his last love. In addition, Pierre Bachelet had to divorce Danièle in order to marry Françoise. The divorce was very trying for everyone.


Pierre and Fanfan are happy together, but the family’s hatred and blame weighs on them. The singer then finds himself trapped between guilt and annoyance. On top of that, the turbulent divorce stresses him to exhaustion.

Pierre Bachelet and his wife at a gala on December 8, 1983 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

It should also be added that Pierre was in the middle of a battle with lung cancer at the time of his new life with Françoise. Between divorce case and chemo, it is normal to shy away.

“You know I had terrible stress because of my divorce and my new life.”

he confided in his friend Patrick Sébastien. The latter mentioned it in his autobiography “Outside it’s nice weather … alas!”.

Portrait of Pierre Bachelet on January 24, 1986 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

Among other things, Françoise was also out of work, knowing that her former boss was her second sister’s husband. It was also a situation that Pierre never accepted.

Between these tumultuous adult love affairs, a young boy remained lurking in the shadows. Quentin, son of Pierre Bachelet, was still very young when his father traveled to live somewhere else.

Pierre Bachelet during a TV show in October 1983 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

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Pierre Bachelet was swept away by cancer and was freed from the torments of life in 2005. Several years later, his son Quentin Bachelet decided to pay tribute to him with the album “Pierre Bachelet – We Loved Him So Much”, in collaboration with singing friends of the deceased.

On this occasion, he gave an interview in which he returned to the troubling period of his childhood, to Télé Star.

Pierre Bachelet’s son, Quentin Bachelet, and singer Marie Espinosa present the tribute album to Pierre Bachelet, ‘We love it so much’, whereupon together they sing the song ‘Emmanuelle’ during the show ‘Vivement Dimanche’ in tribute to Pierre Bachelet. . | Photo: Getty Images

Apparently, the relationship between Quentin and Pierre remained close, even after the latter left with his aunt. The son quoted:

“… we were very close together.”

Of course, Télé Star could not miss the love story between Pierre and Fanfan. Therefore, we learned about the version and the son’s feelings about it. But for Quentin, his father’s love stories and conflicts do not affect him:

“I do not feel really worried about this case. I do not go into it that much.”

he partially answered the question of Peter’s last wife.

Michel Drucker and Pierre Bachelet’s son, Quentin Bachelet, participate in the French television program ‘Vivement Dimanche’ as a tribute to Pierre Bachelet. Held at Pavillon Gabriel on March 4, 2015 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

He also added:

“… But I can tell you that conflicts are completely forgotten.”

Did he tell the truth? How is the current relationship between Françoise and Pierre’s ex-wife?


It took several years before Danièle started talking to her sister again. The conflict is currently being resolved and her story with Pierre has become taboo in the family. They avoid bringing it up to avoid reviving the pain it caused.

“We have just been reconciled, my sister and I … This story was painful for everyone, I do not want to revive the wounds”

she entrusted to the Gala.

Close-up of Pierre Bachelet in 1985 in France. | Photo: Getty Images

In addition, a collaboration was also established between her and her nephew Quentin Bachelet. In addition, Françoise participated in the release of the tribute album “We liked it so much”.

She does not want Pierre to disappear completely, she wants everyone to remember him. She then wrote a book that tells of the deceased singer’s intimate memories.

Although she is no longer sad about her husband’s absence, Françoise still cherishes the fond memories of their marriage. We must believe that she has managed to grieve well over her.

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