Basketball. AS Golbey-Epinal is on its way directly to liquidation!

That’s it, it’s over … Ambition Sportive Golbey-Epinal lasted only eleven months under this name. Ironically, the brain death condition was pronounced this Tuesday night during an extraordinary GA in the heart of a Fernand-David room that witnessed many hours of golbeo-spinal basketball. A grassroots meeting to orchestrate elections for a new steering group and its chairman. With help and involvement in positions of responsibility from the leaders of SASP in SLUC Nancy. “The project started from the bottom of the pyramid. SLUC would have taken care of the first team. We took everything in hand. We had already found seven people for the teams that are there now, we had also almost formed the upcoming N2 team, ”says Didier Duvoid, promised for the post of sports director.

The “Curatelle” project, born behind the scenes of the mayors of Golbey and Epinal, Roger Alémani and Patrick Nardin, is stillborn. The situation for the Vosges club has cooled the zeal. “It was not so much SLUC Nancy who came, it was Aurélien Fortier and Youri Verieras who came to lend a hand in their own name. The situation as we analyze it does not allow us to go there, we just do not want to be seen as the bad guys, ”says Youri Verieras, general manager of SLUC.

The extraordinary AG has become a bailiff’s report. “Within three months of the resignation of the President (Murielle Nourdin), a committee will be formed. But if we have done our best to find solutions, the accumulated debt is too great. I can not understand how successive offices were able to make the situation worse in this way, ”said Sylvie Noël, interim president, who will see the fiscal police again on 8 June.

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A debt of € 450,000 mentioned by Patrick Nardin

A meeting with the auditor is imminent, and the result inevitable. The club is already suspended, the auditor’s warning procedure triggered. This equation generally results in the liquidation of the agent. Patrick Nardin was the first to put forward numbers. € 200,000 in structural deficit and € 250,000 in new debt with URSAFF and a dispute with a player. We are on our way directly to a bankruptcy application, but we will look for the former members of the office’s responsibilities. Roger Alémani followed suit. “I’m disappointed, KO. We suspected the institution was in jeopardy. The sponsorship has dropped by € 200,000 in two years. Today we are in a ruin field.”

With whom, how and where to go?

The sporting future of the ASGE pennant team will be written on a more modest level. The two cities will be “associated with this reconstruction”, the mayors have publicly said. If there is liquidation, after the creation of a new structure to be connected, it will be necessary to “negotiate” with the authorities about the level of play at which the pennant team will leave (pre-national as its reserve?). Today, the committee only counts Sabine Peau (secretary), Nathalie Aubry and Sylvie Noël, assisted by Hervé Brèche these days. “All volunteers are welcome. If everyone stays behind, we’ll see the trains pass,” said a tested Sylvie Noël. frame and a suite.

The mentioned 450,000 € must be explained, they represent the most catastrophic virtual situation. Including the famous fight with a player (Lamine Kanté), where the club does not risk much (the player was rejected). And a URSAFF recovery, as Patrick Nardin imagined around € 100,000 (this type of procedure is subject to appeal and may take longer). But regardless of the interpretation of the numbers, the financial situation is alarming and it has worsened in the last two months (resignations, sponsors who have left the ship or have not been renewed on the anniversary dates, canceled lottery, blocked grants, including at department level, etc.). There is also the underlying “file” of the manager-coach, Laurent Mathis, who has crystallized the tensions for years with, among other things, his contract (CDI). This debt and / or file will switch to another field. Because the evolution of the events will lead, except for an incredible miracle, to the disappearance of semi-professional basketball, as the spinal sport has known others (football, hockey with even more dizzying figures). We will have to rebuild and start from scratch or almost …

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