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What are the five words that define Studio Blou?

Advice — A brand or a company that wants to communicate needs communication advice. Today’s world is like an information jungle, and to stand out, you need to know how to stand out. A video must have meaning and visibility. What matters is that the goal is achieved. To do this, the two essentials are listening and advice. We know the market, the objectives and the codes of today’s communication world, so that we can best adapt our productions to the target group.

Perfection — It is essential to have a good sense of time and rhythm to achieve the “Wow” effect. You have to be very curious, ask yourself why what you see has a lot of graphical impact, and then find the details that add value to the performance. You have to be able to translate emotions into your creations. The search for perfection is our ambition in every production.

Curiosity — Motion design is a discipline that juggles between technology and creation. Our professions are constantly evolving and creative people need to be curious about the world around them. At Studio Blou we are passionate. We like to keep an eye on the latest trends, both technically and artistically and in global communication.

creativity — Composed of a team of young creatives, Studio Blou is led by Guillaume, an experienced artistic director and motion designer, who surrounds itself with artists with assertive styles, giving each of our clients a unique communication and strong identity. In addition to our curiosity about the artistic world, we maintain a permanent creative and technical watch to adapt it perfectly controlled to the needs of our customers. So we have a great deal of power!

Human — Although we have experienced strong growth in recent years, we remain a human-sized structure. And this has several advantages. The distance separating us from our customers is significantly shortened and allows us to keep a clear view of our business. The workflows are lighter, shorter and generate more responsiveness and flexibility in our exchanges. This allows us to create connections and closeness with our customers. And our productions feel it!

Projects you are proud of?

We had the honor of working for the Élysée and the Presidency of the Republic in organizing the One Planet Summit to be held in Paris in 2021.

Studio Blou was responsible for the artistic direction and production of the on-air presentation (credits, jingles, computer graphics, etc.) for this international event, which was broadcast live. In early 2022, we won a tender for the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps – the Luxembourg emergency services – to produce a series of motion design videos explaining first aid gestures. This project is very close to our hearts, especially because of its human dimension. We also continue to work for start-ups, brands and major accounts such as Groupe SeLoger, Adidas, Reebok, Vtech, Île-de-France Mobilités, Crédit Agricole, Soliha, Piepacker, Brainwave GRC… Directly or in collaboration with major communication agencies !

Where and how does the studio get its inspiration?

Digital is a great source of inspiration these days. It allows us to discover new ways of communicating, new techniques and new talents from all over the world. We like to keep abreast of the latest creative trends by following videographers, illustrators, motion designers… And in turn, we want to inspire other artists by sharing our work. Finally, the passions that drive us every day are also sources of inspiration!

Guillaume Gallot


art director

motion design

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video montage


Guillaume Gallot

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