released, but under what conditions?

JEAN-LUC LAHAYE. Singer Jean-Luc Lahaye, who is accused of raping minors, was released under judicial supervision after six months in prison.

[Mis à jour le 24 mai 2022 à 19h03] After six months in prison, Jean-Luc Lahaye was released. According to information from Le Parisien, the 69-year-old singer left the Health Prison on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, where he had been imprisoned following his indictment on November 5. Jean-Luc Lahaye is suspected of “rape”, “rape and sexual assault of minors aged 15” as well as “corruption of minors” and remains, despite his release, charged.

According to Vincent Vantighemjournalist at BFMTV, the interpreter of woman I love will have to meet several obligations in connection with this release under judicial supervision: Jean-Luc Lahaye must “stay in Paris”, “check in at a police station every 15 days”, “pay a deposit of 20,000 euros” and “not to get in touch with the protagonists of the file. “

“The decision (to be released under judicial supervision) was made as part of a criminal adjustment for the time of the further investigation of this case”, explains a legal source to franceinfo. The two lawyers for Jean-Luc Lahaye, My David Apelbaum and Julia Minkowki, had filed a request for release, first rejected by the judges but finally approved by the Paris Court of Appeal, Le Parisien explains.

Singer Jean-Luc Lahaye was jailed in the health prison, in a district reserved for sensitive personalities from the establishment called QB4, like George Tron or was Claude Guéant. If some personalities take detention better, according to information from the newspaper Marianne, Jean-Luc Lahaye was “at his worst” during his imprisonment. “The one who is feeling very bad is the other Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc Lahaye,” a former prisoner explained to the newspaper. And to a relative of the “very worried” singer to add: “He spends his days crying, often refuses to go for a walk, and he has lost more than 12 kg.”

At the end of January, columnist Gilles Verdez added some elements in this sense on the Touche plateau, not on my post: “He’s in a nine square meter cell, you have a small kitchen area, toilets and a shower, and you can have a TV, if you pay extra “, he stressed, describing this” VIP corner because they are individual cells “that are isolated to” protect celebrities or that are suspected of crimes “.

And to Vincent Martin, a close friend of Jean-Luc Lahaye, for explaining on the same set that he had received letters from the singer describing his conditions of detention: “He tells me that minutes seem like hours, so he tells me that he has an hour’s walk in the yard. ” “He tells me that death could be a liberation because he has been drooling from being between four walls for four months as he is presumed innocent, he has not been convicted yet …”, he adds.

Interrogated on Monday, January 24, by the investigating judge in charge of the case, Margaux Lahaye, daughter of the singer, was charged with “subordination of witnesses” in the case of suspected rape of minors, which is directed against Jean-Luc Lahaye, reveals franceinfo. She is suspected of having “pressured” the singer’s two prosecutors to “force them into silence”. According to information from Le Parisien, two other women were heard at the same time: the mothers of the two complainants. Like Margaux Lahaye, they had been arrested and placed in police custody on November 3 in the same way as Jean-Luc Lahaye.

The other two women were summoned by the investigating judge in charge of the case for “not termination of a crime”. At the ages of 53 and 49, they would have encouraged sexual intercourse between their daughters and Jean-Luc Lahaye. One of them was charged with “failure to report a crime” on Thursday, January 27th.

Faced with investigators, Jean-Luc Lahaye has since the beginning of the case claimed his innocence. Le Parisien was able to obtain the contents of the interrogation conducted by a psycho-criminologist investigator on the premises of the central directorate of the judicial police, rue des Trois-Fontanot in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), in November 2021, few days after his imprisonment.

When an investigator asked him what he thought was the age of sexual maturity, the singer reportedly replied: “Our presidential couple was the tone. We can find nothing to complain about Madame Macron seducing her 14 years, 15 years, so in Today, the cursor is somewhere else. ” Jean-Luc Lahaye evokes a “true morality” for each one, “with its variations” and quotes Léo Ferré: “What is boring about morality is that it is always someone else’s.”

Jean-Luc Lahaye was arrested in Paris on Wednesday, November 3, in Paris for “rape and sexual assault of a minor over the age of 15” as well as “corruption of a minor”. He is suspected of sexually abusing two teenage girls in 2013 and 2014. The two suspected victims were at that time 16 and 17 years old. Both had filed a complaint at the time before retiring. One of the two complaints is the teenager in another case, the one for which Jean-Luc Lahaye was convicted in 2015 of corruption of a minor.

According to agreeing sources, quoted by Le Parisien in November 2022, the two alleged victims accuse Jean-Luc Lahaye “of having had sexual intercourse with them and would have asked them, via the internet and inserted cameras, to undress and take sexual poses. ” She would have filed a complaint again earlier this year. A new investigation was opened by the prosecution in Paris following the receipt of the two complaints in April 2021.

The two complainants evoke similar facts, according to Le Parisien, and talk of a brutal relationship and manipulation as they were both fans of Jean-Luc Lahaye at the time. The teenage girls both lost their virginity to the former star. The first alleged victim says he “met his idol one-on-one between the ages of 15 and 17, at least six times,” the newspaper reports. Her mother would have covered these jokes where she “waited in the car.”

The other complainant was a university student when she discovered Jean-Luc Lahaye on television and quickly became a fan of the artist. Spot by the former star in his concerts, the teenager goes on stage several times and initiates a relationship with Jean-Luc Lahaye. She estimates “52 the number of intimate relationships with the artist, which she describes as ‘animal'”, explains Le Parisien. The former groupie also evokes the role that her mother would have played, who herself would have had a relationship with the artist.

Jean-Luc Lahaye is a French singer born on December 23, 1952 in Paris. Child of DDASS (his parents had left him at 6 months), Jean-Luc Lahaye had a difficult childhood. It was the discovery of music on a radio set, in the middle of the yéyés era, that saved him, despite a few offenses, that gave him prison sentences. As he leaves, Jean-Luc Lahaye settles down: He sets his feet in the show business by becoming a waiter at a restaurant that offers shows. It is thanks to this job that he meets Dalida, a crucial relationship for his career.

Through Relationships, he releases one of his hits, woman I love, in 1982, without promotion. From then on, successes are linked. Now published, Jean-Luc Lahaye takes the opportunity to highlight his difficult childhood. He is publishing a book with the title Hundreds of Familiesand also hosted his own TV show in 1987, Lahaye d’honneur, whose goal is to raise funds, live, for charity. This show has the credits put me offwhich would be one of Jean-Luc Lahaye’s successes.

While the early 2000s marked a crossroads of the desert, where Jean-Luc Lahaye became an entrepreneur, television took an interest in him during a program dedicated to forgotten singers: he regained public support and also relaunched his career. A first springboard, followed by success associated with 1980s souvenir tours and the film stars 80where he interprets his own role.

The singer, star of the 1980s, was sentenced on May 18, 2015 to one year probation for corruption by a minor after urging a 14-year-old girl on the internet and asking her to indulge in filmed sex games. with webcam. On April 1, 2016, he withdrew his intention to appeal, “for the sake of reconciliation”. He will also admit in a program to be attracted to younger girls. In his book Classified confidentially, published in 2016, he explained the many controversies he has been the subject of in recent years, especially for his statements about his love for young women. “I understood that it is very tempting for certain media to slide towards amalgam and to associate my name with pedophilia. And there I feel like murder. I have always confirmed, proclaimed that I liked girls who were younger than me.” he wrote, complaining about the “smell of sulfur” around him.

For several years now, Jean-Luc Lahaye wanted to share life with a certain Paola, his 30-year-old junior, as revealed by TéléStar in June 2020, when the artist had confided in his columns for a long time. The two dwarf parrots would have met at a market in Montmartre, Paris. TéléStar reported at the time that Paola worked in the parachuting club Frétoy-le-Château in the department of Oise. The young woman would have been “an unwavering support” during her problems with the law in 2015, the singer still assured in his autobiography Classified confidential, published in 2016.

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