Romy Schneider gave her ex-husband a large sum of money to get custody of their son David

Friday, May 20, 2022, “Romy, a Free Woman” brings France 3 viewers back to moments in the life of the man who inspired the title: Romy Schneider. Love, career, parenting, the documentary pays homage to this actress who the whims of life have not spared. Find out the details in this article.

Since her debut as a mere 15-year-old, Romy Schneider has proven to the world that she wanted to make a name for herself in the cinema world. In addition to her talent, the Franco-German actress has demonstrated an unsurpassed strength of character through her life choices, both in her flourishing career and in her personal life.

From the untraditional beginning of her happiness with Harry Meyen to the measures she took for custody of her son, Romy Schneider went to great lengths to get what she wanted. Here is the story of the iconic actress Romy Schneider.

Austrian-born German film actress Romy Schneider (1938 – 1982), ca. 1965. | Source: Getty Images


Berlin, 1965. While Romy is struggling to recover from her breakup with French actress Alain Delon, she meets Harry Meyen and had no idea that love would then suddenly come into her life again. However, there is one detail that prevents this meeting from becoming a romantic idyll: Meyen is a married man.

Against all expectations, Romy Schneider, madly in love, had nothing to do with this status when she devoted herself to love with this “superior” man who gave her “an unprecedented sense of security”, Mean.

The actress is ready to do anything to be with the one she loved and she does not hesitate and bears the cost of Harry Meyen’s divorce.

Romy Schneider and Harry Meyen, at the premiere of “The Things of Life” by Claude Sautet, 1970 | Source: Getty Images

Unfortunately, this act, driven by the passionate love between the actress and the actress, was not seen from a good angle on the side of the media. On the contrary, he made a national controversy and branded Schneider a “homemaker” or even “the scandalous one from Berlin”.

With only eyes for each other, Romy Schneider and Harry Meyen did not have time to pay attention to it and got married on July 15, 1966 in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. From this love an adorable boy named David Christopher Meyen was born a few months after their union.

However, this fusion relationship will not last and the separation was not tender. What happened between these two lovers who had climbed mountains to be together?


Even after crossing the boundaries of societal conventions to share moments of happiness, Romy Schneider’s relationship with her husband, Harry Meyen, did not last long.

Because? As the couple struggled to balance privacy and career, the huge gap between Romy’s success and Harry’s ended up becoming a key factor in their breakup.

Romy Schneider in France in August 1998 – Romy, David and her husband Harry Meyen, August 1, 1998 – FRANCE. | Source: Getty Images

In fact, some time after the arrival of their son, Romy flourished more and more in his work, creating a professional momentum in France, while Harry chained failures in his projects in Berlin.

As a result, the actor was addicted to psychoactive drugs, which threw him into addiction and made him feel this gap more in their professional success.

The proof? Harry developed a superiority complex and knocked his wife down in public on every occasion. For her part, Romy did not answer. She gradually broke up from their relationship and focused on her career until one day in 1972 she finally decided to divorce.

To get custody of her son, the actress has once again not hesitated to spend her fortune. In fact, Romy Schneider gave the sum of 6,000,000 francs to her ex-husband, or the equivalent of 4,000,000 euros, which hastened the divorce proceedings.

These last stated, Romy, who divorced, continued his professional career with his young son, David, but what were the consequences of those decisions?

Romy Schneider (1938-1982), Austrian actress, wearing dark plastic raincoat, with hood up, around 1970. | Source: Getty Images

divorced and left without son, HARRY ENDED HIS LIFE – ALL ACCUSED ROMY

Harry Meyen was never able to recover from his son’s divorce. According to Bernard Pascuito’s revelations in his book “The Last Life of Romy Schneider”, published on May 11, 2022, between coming and going to the hospital and medication, the former actor’s daily life was not obvious. one.

It is certain, however, that neither treatment nor grief has been kind to Harry Meyen. “Sick and Weakened,” one day in April 1979, the former director took his own life.

After this tragedy, Romy Schneider is again, despite herself, in the firing line. This time, she could not care less about the accusing fingers pointing at her.

The Austrian actress Romy Schneider at the Savoy Hotel in London, January 1964, during a reception for the author of the book ‘Countess Tarnovska’, Hans Habe. Romy was chosen to star in a movie based on this book. | Source: Getty Images

“All of Germany, reunited to hold her accountable”

we can read between the lines of the book. The author also does not fail to resume a part of this love story that had no happy ending:

“She had left Harry, she had taken her son from him, taken him away from him. Harry, a man who had given her so much, given her so much. Who had loved her so much.

It’s one of those farewells that marks, just as the way Harry Meyen said to everyone they knew, as brutal as it was, would have marked Romy Schneider in a lifetime.

As sad as it may be, it will not have been the only one.

Paris, January 31, 1981, Cesars Ceremony at the Palais des Congrs, Romy Schneider and her son, David. | Source: Getty Images


The person that Romy Schneider surpassed herself for every day was her son, David Christopher Meyen. However, she could not prevent the significant events of her life from affecting this beloved being.

If she was to say goodbye to Harry Meyen, the man she loved and married, David, he said goodbye to a father, a pillar.

It was on a sunny summer day in July 1981 that David quickly cycled through the streets on his bike to return to the parents of Daniel Biasini, his mother’s ex-friend after Meyen’s death, and the father of his half-sister, Sarah Biasini.

After inheriting this rebellious side from his mother, David does not choose the main front door, but decides to climb up the gates of the property.

Portrait of Romy Schneider at home with her son David Biasini, in 1974. | Source: Getty Images

As he climbs back up the gates, a wrong move strikes him forward and the tragedy strikes. David’s body is pierced. Help came and the verdict fell: her femoral artery was perforated, which could be fatal without surgery.

Romy receives a call, runs to join her son, but it’s too late.

The actress finds her beloved son’s lifeless body. After the latter’s funeral, the actress tries to find meaning in the dramas of her life and writes angrily in her diary:

“Why does all this hit me? David is everything I love. I buried the father. I buried the son. I NEVER left any of them. AND OR ME, THEY NEVER LEAVED ME.”

Romy Schneider during a break on the set for the film ’10 .20 PM Summer ‘, directed by Jules Dassin, in Turegano, 1965. Segovia, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

Less than a year after this loss, on May 29, 1982, Romy Schneider succumbed to grief and was found lifeless by his companion, Laurent Pétin, along with an unfinished letter.

Three beings who loved each other at some point in their respective lives left a bereaved world. Love does not stop death, but it certainly reminds us how important it is to prioritize moments with our loved ones.

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