Superman & Lois: 10 Best Relationship Dynamics

With many hit Arrowverse series like batman and Legends of Tomorrow canceled this year Superman and Lois was fortunate to escape such a fate. The CW series was released in 2021 and ran strong through 2 seasons on the network.

Superman and Lois introduced many of the titular characters, old and new, where viewers also captured some dynamic relationships along the way. From the strong sibling bond between Jonathan and Jordan to the complicated but treasured relationship between Clark and his half-brother Morgan Edge, these relationships present the series as more than just a superhero series.

ten Clark Kent and Morgan Edge

Based on a very tense relationship dynamic, Clark and Morgan Edge are not your typical siblings. Beginning as enemies, Morgan Edge enters the scene as a threat to the world on their mission to revive dead Krypton on Earth. However, his plans are thwarted by Lois and Clark / Superman.

Edge and Clark’s relationship is complicated because of their different views, but when it becomes clear that the two are half-brothers, they come to a slight hint of understanding in the show. Their stony relationship is important to the show because even though Edge loses his life, he redeems himself in Clark’s eyes, pushing for the theme of forgiveness and a new chance that Superman represents in the show.

9 Lana Lang and Sarah Cushing

The mother-daughter duo is not necessarily perfect, and who have experienced setbacks, Lana and Sarah love each other anyway. They have a very positive and healthy mother-daughter relationship – even with a few tense moments here and there.

In the beginning of the series, Lana has proven to be a bit overbearing towards Sarah in some of her actions, but the relationship is constantly changing. Their relationship provides the only portrayal of a mother and daughter in the show and allows viewers to relate to the show on another level. Eventually, Sarah comes to understand her mother a little more and vice versa, which proves to be beneficial to the dynamics of their relationship.

8 General Lane and Lois Lane

In a violent but loving father-daughter relationship, General Lane and Lois Lane have a complex relationship dynamic. Although he fights to keep the world safe, he is also a devoted father to his daughters.

When General Lane alone raised Lois and her sister, Lois took on her sister’s mother figure, and this aroused a bit of anger on her part towards her father. Yet the series presents this relationship as a benchmark that no family dynamic is perfect. This is essential in the superhero series, which is not only about superheroes, but also about the human element in family relationships.

7 Sarah Cushing and Jordan Kent

In another complex relationship, Sarah Cushing and Jordan Kent are two teenagers trying to navigate their first romantic relationship and high school. They encounter a few problems and obstacles along the way with cheating and lies, but they seem to find their way.

They always try to be there for each other, where Jordan understands his feelings when his parents separated, and Sarah is there for Jordan when he feels lonely in Smallville. They each have their secrets for each other, and throughout the series, these secrets play a major role in the deterioration of their relationship, but their relationship dynamics are important to the series as the two eventually release a version. younger Clark and Lois, with whom they will eventually find their way in the world.

6 Clark Kent and Lana Lang

A friendship that was once a high school romance, Lana Lang and Clark Kent have probably the best TV friendship in the program right now. The two have known each other for years and will always have a place in their hearts for each other, making their dynamics unique to some.

They find it easy to talk to each other and get advice from each other about their children and their marriage. Lana can’t wait to tell Clark about her mayoral victory, and Clark is there for Lana as she goes through a tough time with her husband Kyle. Their friendship brings a lighter tone to the show, further humanizing Superman as more than just a world-saving superhero.

5 John Henry Irons and Natalie Irons

When viewers meet John Henry, he is from another universe on a mission to kill Superman. In this mission, John Henry leaves behind his daughter Natalie, who ends up being reunited with his father. The two are similar in many ways, but their technical and mechanical wisdom makes the father-daughter duo a smart team, with John Henry being one of the smarter protagonists.

Their arrival adds a new dynamic to the Kent family and the series as a whole. Viewers can see a strong and truthful father and daughter relationship. They are able to express their thoughts and feelings to each other, and although Natalie sometimes gives her dad a hard time, she loves him and he knows it.

4 Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent

As father and son, Clark and Jordan have a bond that is unlike anything else. However, they did not start that way. Their relationship has been filled with tensions and fights caused by Jordan feeling misunderstood by his family, especially by his father. Their differences are like any other parent-child relationship, but that does not mean they do not love and care about each other.

As Jordan’s powers begin to show, his relationship with his father takes a new path. Jordan suddenly becomes his father’s prodigy, and it turns out to be a surprising boost in their relationship. This relationship encourages Jordan to take over from his father when the time comes.

3 Clark Kent and Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent and Clark Kent’s father-son relationship seemed to be hassle-free compared to Clark and Jordan’s relationship at the beginning of the series. Jonathan and Clark have the same interests and seemed to bond more because of these things, but that dynamic seemed to change more in the show.

But her jealousy of Jordan causes a small revolt on her part, leading to a strained relationship with her father. They are both strong in the head, and that sometimes makes their relationship strained, but it also helps them understand each other’s views. This dynamic plays into the relationship between Clark and his half-brother Morgan Edge, where the latter feels inferior to Clark, and it is important to show this in the series because it shows the dynamics of the Kent family, both human and alien.

2 Jonathan Kent and Jordan Kent

The embodiment of true brotherly love and loyalty, Jordan and Jonathan Kent are a sibling duo that always support each other. Although the brothers fight, they also fight for each other when no one else does, and they make sure to keep it a secret from each other.

As Jordan struggles with his newfound strengths and mental problems, it is Jonathan who stands by his side and is his little brother’s protector. The same goes for Jordan when it looks like Jonathan is selling the XK serum to improve his performance on the field, Jordan keeps the secret from his brother. Their loyalty to each other is unsurpassed and speaks to their relationship as brothers and speaks to the series’ family theme.

1 Clark Kent and Lois Lane

A couple who have faced many obstacles, Lois Lane and Clark Kent, are basic relationship goals. They fit together perfectly and understand each other like no other. Their relationship is not always perfect in that they have their fair share of strained arguments, but they never let these disagreements tear them apart.

The series presents them as a team, not only in their relationships and family dynamics, but also through their passion for keeping the world safe. Their marriage is a testament to their devotion to each other and the family dynamics of the show, which is super important. They have built a wonderful family that has had some of the healthiest family moments in Superman and Lois.

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