4 most difficult zodiac signs in a relationship

If some are attentive and empathetic in love, others may lose their means and be particularly difficult when in a relationship. Discover the ranking of the most complicated characters when meeting a partner.

In friendships or as couples, we tend to have different temperaments. We can sometimes be irritable or unfair to the loved one who follows the whims of life. Only according to astrologers are certain zodiac profiles particularly difficult to live with when they are in a relationship.

What are the most difficult zodiac signs when in a relationship?

Four zodiac profiles can be hard to live with as a couple. In question, their difficulty in putting themselves in the place of the other or in showing him love in difficult times. Some zodiac signs can force their partner to break up because of these difficult to accept mistakes. They would benefit from going into introspection to understand what they really want in a relationship that needs to be based on exchange and communication.



Aries – source: Q.

This fire sign, known for loving action and movement, tends to be confrontational with the beloved. Impulsive, he can go into a conflict for a detail and does not know how to choose his matches. He can sometimes show a lack of empathy during quarrels, something his partner can blame him for. Aries can be prone to getting angry and saying hurtful words that overwhelm their thoughts. His inconsistency can cause the loved one to leave the relationship, which can prove tiring as the confrontations progress.

– Sagittarius


Sagittarius – Source: Q.

Like Aries, this zodiac adventurer, yet strong advocate of optimism, tends to be somewhat melodramatic. And with good reason, when he is angry with his partner, he can extrapolate his complaints and take them very seriously. Sagittarius tends to live fusion conditions and it is not always healthy in a relationship. This native of a fire sign may want everything right away and not respect the rhythm of the beloved who may want to take his time before he really gets involved. The paradox is that Sagittarius is an independent person who can blame his partner for putting him in a cage.

– Fish

The fish

Pisces – Source: Q.

This sign, known for its emotivity and its intuition, is sometimes the victim of its blue floral side. His idealism may lead him to want to take his romantic relationship to the next level without fully understanding his partner’s personality. This early infatuation can cause him to become overly involved and he may regret his behavior. His sensitive temperament forces him to take it all in and live every single shake in his relationship to the fullest. Pisces is known to show emotional immaturity and can really depend on his partner, who he will consider as his only provider of love. He will also be able to model his life rhythm after his partner.

– Gemini


Gemini – Source: Q.

This sign, known for its whimsical or whimsical side, but also for its desire not to commit, suffers from a lack of involvement and investment. This zodiac profile, similar to the Air Element, can be easily disconnected and even be a real artichoke heart. Thanks to her ability to identify his partner’s personality, Gemini can be endearing and make promises they will not keep. When falling in love, this character may feel trapped and may want to let go of the relationship they started with their partner. On a daily basis, he can be quite soupy and expose his beloved to his mood. The latter, however, is not his outlet because he also has his mood. It is for this reason that Gemini, without being aware of it, can be one of the worst zodiac profiles in love. He would benefit from showing more empathy to make the person with whom he has decided to build something healthy and lasting happy. The latter will certainly return it to him.

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