“Before, they scared me”: the police’s successful seduction operation with Corbeil’s children

When they do not cross the neighborhoods of Corbeil-Essonnes, the mothers of the Pink Vests collective multiply initiatives to restore dialogue between the police and the youth. This Wednesday, about forty children from Tarterêts, Montconseil or even the Hermitage were able to discover numerous police specialties on the Ile de loisirs du Port aux Cerises in Draveil. The equestrian brigade, the motorcyclists’ but also the specialized field brigade (BST) and the scientific police were caught in the game with questions and answers.

To immortalize the event, the president of Pink Veste designed her cell phone. Live on Facebook and then on TikTok, Fatimata Sy comments in the afternoon. “What we wanted was to work with the police,” she explains. Since arrests do not always go well, we would like to know their methods. It is this dialogue that enables us to take action against our young people. You need to get to know the other person to stop being afraid of them. »

“When they get to Tarterêts, the police look vicious”

This time, it is the category 9-11 year olds that is targeted. “The elderly sometimes try to turn their heads around them,” she admits. So we decided to show them the positive side of the police. The children discover the arsenal of the specialized police brigade in the field, those who intervene in the districts. “This proximity is extremely rare,” she says, watching a group play in the police car. I hope that this initiative will be repeated in all cities of France. »

Together with her classmates, 11-year-old Kelia discovers a world she has not known until now. “I am surprised,” she admits, a 10kg bulletproof vest on her shoulders. When the police come to Tarterêts, they look bad. They speak in a dry tone. There they said hello to us and greeted us as if we were training to be a police officer. »

After following the presentation of the equestrian brigade, Kelia already has another picture of the police. “I understood that they were there for our safety. If the whole neighborhood came here, everyone would see a different picture of the police. If we do not do stupid things, we have no problem with them. Those few hours spent with the police were enough to to give birth to the beginning of a vocation in this 6th grade student. “Later I would do well as a policewoman,” she adds. Within the equestrian brigade or the scientific police … I do not know yet. “

Draveil, Wednesday, May 25, 2022. The demonstration of the equestrian brigade was hailed by the children.

Emir, 9, has also changed his view of the police. “Before, when I saw them in their cars in Corbeil, they scared me. I thought they would hurt me or fine me. But they are cute, ‘the boy confides after an exchange with the police in BST. Officials presented their complete equipment, from the shield to the helmet, including the bullet vest, telescopic baton and defense bullet launcher (LBD). “I did not know they were so protected,” Emir says full of admiration.

The rocks, what is it other than to get us in trouble? »

Asked about the stones aimed at the police, the young boy assures us that he will never be a part of it. “What’s the point of that except we’ll get in trouble?” he asks. The police will turn against us and we must be accountable to our parents. »

For the occasion, Department Commissioner Jennifer Lattay, in charge of the Evry-Corbeil metropolitan area, personally received the children and the group of mothers. “This type of surgery serves as a reminder that there are men and women behind the uniforms,” ​​she concludes. With the kids in attendance last week, nearly 80 attended these two afternoons. »

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