Family, fear and freedom are at the heart of Cannes Shorts 2022

– CANNES 2022: While the selected short films are being revealed, we offer you an overview of the European titles on the program on the Croisette

The fire by the lake by Pierre Menahem

The European short films offered at Cannes, in official competition and in La Cinef Selection, are quite introspective this year. Many deal with delicate family relationships and scrutinize pain or grief. They often show what short films do best: the small, quiet moments in life that generate significant earth tumors. They also show that competitions continue to discover many talents who have a bright future ahead of them.

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Among these talents is the Lithuanian director Vytautas Katkusincluding the film Cherries (Ugogos) plays in official competition while having just won the Critics’ Week Next Step Prize (read the article). The film itself is a balanced and quiet powerful story: the story of a father trying to reconnect with his now-grown son while picking cherries. A gentle naturalism is the order of the day, and Katkus plays with genre conventions to create something that is both subtle and transcendent. Another calmly strong film is The fire by the lake of Pierre Menahem (France), where a man living with his mother in the meadows goes down to a passionate meeting. The film, which also hints at underlying themes of isolation and grief in the relentless majesty of the landscape, benefits from a captivating main acting and striking visuals. The second European proposal in official competition is the Franco-Ghanaian film Tsutsuɛ ofAmartei Armara gripping tale about two young boys who live in a small fishing village and come to terms with the death of their big brother.

La Cinef Selection, which collects 16 short films made at film schools from around the world, includes the very current title Glorious Revolution of Masha Novikova (UK / Ukraine / Germany), about a woman who loses her son in the Maidan Revolution in 2014, but realizes that ideals of heroism and patriotism are being dulled by self-interest. The film, which has a special resonance in the light of current events, is a corrosive and destructive work produced with subtlety, but a great sharpness in its vision of the world.

Two stories that explore the decay of love stories provide an insight into a differently corrosive world. caustic. Craze (Hajszalrepedes) of Bianka Szelestey (Hungary) looks at the period immediately after the end of a relationship. It is a suffocating and tense work that excels in its depiction of painful breaches in social courtesy conventions. That’s Amore (100% Skinny Love) of Malthe Saxer (Denmark), 49 minutes long, paints an abstract picture of a couple whose relationship has become sour while trying to figure out exactly why the love has disappeared.

The family motif stands out from titles like The Marvelous Liquid bread (Chlieb Náš Každodenný) ofAlica Bednarikova (Slovakia), who follows Zoja as she visits her family and invokes the past. This work, imbued with humor, is an intelligent and captivating work. We feel more lethargic All this will come back to you of Lilian Fanara (France), about a brother and a sister who explore the relationship right after a death. Mistida of Falcao Nhaga (Portugal) sees a mother and son dive into their respective past as they return home together. The film, subtle and ultimately quite pleasing, is enhanced by two magnificent central interpretations. A conspiracy man (Il barbiere domplottista) from Italian Valerio Ferrara follows a man who dives headlong into conspiracy theories, much to the annoyance of his family, only to find himself mysteriously arrested by the police. Ferrara plays with the boundaries of reality and perception in quiet humorous work.

There are also a lot of animated films on the program. We can mention among them the Polish work We are not there tomorrow (Jutro nas tam nie ma)an impressive short film of Olga Klyszewicz about changing perception, a truly fascinating work that contrasts darkness and light, or even Spring roll dream of May set (UK), a tender study of the generation gap. We must also mention the wonderful People are stupid when they are stacked of Laurene Fernandez (France), which begins as a melancholy exploration of life for people living in a tall building and then takes a much darker turn. This work, whose nuance is reminiscent of the early works of Nick Park, is a delightfully twisted narrative, but also an empathetic study of human behavior.

The nine films in the official competition for the Palme d’Or for best short film are as follows:

TsutsuɛAmartei Armar (Ghana / France)
A novelBi Gan (China)
Melancholy of my mother’s lullabyAbinash Bikram Shah (Nepal / Hong Kong)
The water mumblesThe story of Chen (China)
cherryVytautas Katkus (Lithuania / Italy)
Same oldLloyd Lee Choi (United States)
The fire by the lake Pierre Menahem (France)
peoplesujin moon (South Korea)
night lightKim Torres (Costa Rica / Mexico)

The 16 films in La Cinef Selection are as follows:

liquid breadAlica Bednarikova (Ftf Všmu-Film and Television Faculty, Slovakia)
mother’s life Ruby Challenger (AFTRS, Australia)
All this will come back to you Lilian Fanara (La Femis, France)
People are stupid when they are stacked Laurene Fernandez (La Cinefabrique, France)
A conspiracy manValerio Ferrara (Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia, Italien)
Looked afterPepi Ginsberg (NYU, USA)
RelationshipOrin Kadoori (Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, Israel)
NauhaPratham Khurana (Whistling Woods International, India)
We’re not there tomorrowOlga Klyszewicz (Polish National Film School in Łódź Voivodeship, Poland)
SomewhereLi Jiahe (Hebei University of Science and Technology School of Film and Television, China)
The silent whistleLi Yingtong (Emerson College, USA)
Mistida- Falcao Nhaga (ESTC, Portugal)
Glorious RevolutionMasha Novikova (London Film School, UK)
It’s AmoreMalthe Saxer (The Danish Film School, Denmark)
DilleBianka Szelestey (Department of Film Studies at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary)
Spring roll dreamMay set (NFTS, UK)

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