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One question, two views: Today, Clément Barbier and Steven Oliveira curl up over the LFP’s choice to make numbers 1 to 99 available for jerseys. Judgment, bad faith, malice and well-considered arguments, all shots are allowed. Especially those under the belt.


Yes, let players wear number 91

by Steven Oliveira

For the romantics – or boomers as one wishes – a jersey number should be associated with a position and not with a player. So the striker has to carry 9, the goalkeeper 1 and the defensive midfielder 6. And the substitutes have to carry numbers from 12 to 20. This is a theory that I would like to hear and that works very well in the district. Problem, it can not apply to the high level. Already because the positions no longer matter and are no longer as fixed as before, or else the support attacker should therefore carry 9.5. But above all because for marketing reasons it is impossible for a player to change his number every game. So yes, some of you will tell me that Ajax did well. This romantic Ajax, whose best player in history, Johan Cruyff, carried the number… 14. I do not believe, however, that he started the fights on the bench.

When football lovers hear 14, there is Johan Cruyff who joins. And this, for many years yet, since Ajax Amsterdam – this club set up as an example of romance – has decided to withdraw this number, which will forever be associated with the flying Dutchman. By allowing the clubs to use all the numbers from 1 to 99, they will then be able to withdraw the number of former players who have transferred to the club, as AC Milan have already done with Paolo Maldinis 3, Inter with Javier Zanetti 4 or Nantes with Emiliano Salas 9 or Rennes with Romain Danzés 29. Numbers that will be for supporters forever associated with a single player.

And besides, it’s always fun to see improbable numbers behind a shirt, it’s easier to remember them. Not many people remember Jérémy Ménez’s number in Sochaux or Monaco. On the other hand, everyone knows he carried the 94 at Roma. Ditto with the numbers 69 for Bixente Lizarazu during his second round at Bayern Munich, 45 for Mario Balotelli at Liverpool or 70, 80, 92 and 99 for Robinho, Ronaldinho, El Shaarawy and Ronaldo at AC Milan. By choosing 53 at the beginning of his career – for the sake of his choice – a player could thus throughout his career be associated with this number, as there is little chance that another in case of a transfer will wear it on arrival. in his new club. And thus one avoids seeing CR7 become CR9 for a year in Real Madrid or even Lionel Messi with number 30. Especially since this number is Apoula Edel’s number at PSG and no one else.

Steven Oliveira

To give a note

I did not know Clément when he was 12 years old. However, I am convinced that he proudly wore his Clément 69 flocked Olympic jersey as a tribute to his beloved department. And then I see him already tweeting “How beautiful to see Rayan Cherki not forget where he comes from by wearing this number 69 at Juventus” . If it had not been the LFP who had got this idea, but Jean-Michel Aulas, you can be sure that Clément would have been of my opinion.

No, shirt numbers must be between 1 and 30

By Clement Barbier

Pascal Dupraz’s five-man defense ruining the EuroMillions draw, or my phone number is a no: extending the choice of numbers is a nameless aberration. It is to open the doors to the absurd. Those in favor have their bedroom cluttered and the sink full of dishes that have been waiting to be washed for weeks. In short, organization and rigor are not their strength.

When their favorite club’s striker carries 95, they will logically believe it is in relation to his nine-and-a-half position, while he will later explain that it is because he is from Argenteuil in Val-d’Oise. Anything ! And what will happen then with these 9 old-fashioned and these 10 techniques that their grandfather will tell them about? Will they really dare to answer that later the old-fashioned 48s or this unplayable 57s on the ball will be their worthy successors? Unless they prefer this revolutionary position, the fake 61 – or rather this 61.5 – that Pep Guardiola would have developed?

The eccentric numbers are also the surplus of imagination and predictable jokes that already make us blow very hard. Aboubakar Kamara and his number 47 in Fulham, it was fun for two minutes. We can already imagine the series of beauferies, as soon as a player with a slightly slight descent chooses the 51 or 86, or those on those who will wear the 69 and who will take a good beating to appear in places that are forbidden to minors, without even thinking about the controversy over the first player to choose the 88, when it will only be a guy who grew up in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. To free oneself from any limitation finally means to give up identification, symbolism. The essence of football is also the kids who fight in clubs to grab the number of their favorite player or the legacy of Ronaldo and Beckhams 7, Maradona, Pelé, Zidane and Messis 10 or Cruyffs 14. Only number 10 in my team, we said. And not just the numbers 48.

Clement Barbier

To give a note

Seeing Ricardio Quaresma carry the 77 at Inter and failing to take the 7 has definitely turned your head, my poor Steven. Yes, such big numbers are for those who have turned away from real good numbers. A consolation, what.

By Clément Barbier and Steven Oliveira

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