he reveals what happened and was cut by the M6

The candidates of Married at First sight often has a chaotic love story. This is the case with Eddy, who had an intense relationship but who ended up from one day to the next. Since then, he has never fallen in love again. For Jennifer, it is no better. She realized that her buddy, with whom she had been in a relationship for years, was unfaithful and had a double life. Thus, it is not easy to put one’s past aside and turn the page.

Eddie and Jennifer (Married at First sight): two broken hearts embark on the adventure!

Eddie from Married at First sight said during his portrait that his previous romantic relationship was over “overnight”. For a long time, he no longer believed in love and thought the show could be useful to him. “I had completely lost my confidence by that time and I had shut myself off about myself”, he admits in front of the cameramen, while explaining that he had not fallen in love since. Thus the program of M6 was really his last chance to finally turn the page about his past and start a new chapter.

Experts from Married at First sight found 81% compatibility with a young woman. When Eddy sees Jennifer for the first time in Gibraltar, he immediately falls in love. But the discomfort is felt. The beautiful blonde, confident in herself, intimidates her … “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Jennifer, I really liked her white suit, I was charmed”he trusts the journalists from TVMagazine. However, he was quickly disappointed by the coldness of his bride. In fact, she was stuck and had no demonstration in front of her husband. No look, no gesture, no complicity …

Eddy’s explanations of Married at First sight on the wedding night

At the end of this episode on Monday, May 23, Jennifer refuses to sleep in the same bed as Eddy. When she arrived at the room, she said nothing and took a direct shower. When she returns, she changes her mind and announces the bad news to her husband. The latter did not at all adhere to this reversal of the situation and showed his true face. In fact, he was angry and even said an inappropriate sentence to the cameras: “We’m married now, my place is in the matrimonial bed, not on the couch.” The public was shocked and the reviews exploded online. But the candidate for Married at First sight brings a different version than the editing that the channel was kind enough to show us.

A very nice wedding night …

Apparently Eddy from Married at First sight would have explained that he had handed down this verdict before the wedding night when the journalists asked him if he had intended to sleep with his wife. “When the question was asked about the wedding night, I’m still in costume, the conversation with Jennifer has not yet taken place, and I answer that the bride and groom traditionally share the same bed.”he says, adding: Our discussion is very cordial, but it was very late, we were both very tired, and I no longer wanted to talk. This does not appear in the edit, I tell him exactly that night brings advice and I take a stand by telling him that I can not decide his choice for him. From there, I get up and leave the room without the slightest anger. »

The assembly of the production still questioned

This is certainly not the first time that the production of Married at First sight criticized for its dubious editing. One thing is for sure, the duo is not popular among social networks. Eddy has been criticized for his intolerance and his oppressive side. While Jennifer is accused of having attended the show for getting buzz and that she was way too violent. In addition, a rumor is circulating that she is already in a relationship. The beautiful blonde decides to talk on her account instagram to give his point of view.

Jennifer reacts to her opponents

Here’s what the candidate for Married at First sight declares: “But who can think, imagine what we’re going through? Because we decide to have this experience, that everything has to happen fast?” It also specifies: Who can know everyone’s past? (…) Who today can judge from 30-second images of a multi-month experiment? Do you think you know (…) a profile on TV in a few minutes? » she says. See you next Monday for breakfast! Will the couple continue the adventure?

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