Headlines: America mourns its dead children after the Uvalde massacre

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The world press, like the American press, showed on the front page the moving pictures of these 19 young murdered children, among whom ” Uziyah Garcia, 8, whom his grandfather describes as the cutest little boy in the world, or even Xavier Lopez, 10, who had just been added to the honor roll “, Write Washington Post. Smiles from children erased forever, after the worst massacre at a school in 10 years in the United States. ” America practices child sacrifice, Uvalde is the last victim “, still protests the American newspaper, which does not have words strong enough to condemn” the responsibility of elected Republicans who block any gun reform in Congress “.

Obstacle from pro-gun Republicans condemned by world press

Republicans offer thoughts and prayers, but no gun control to stop the killings », The title Guardian. While Weather insists for its part on the profile of the young killer, Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old teenager, ” too young to buy booze, but not to procure assault rifles “, Mocks the Swiss daily.

This only happens in our country and nowhere else “, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy condemned, while Republican Senator Ted Cruz, for his part, is already calling for even more weapons.” by proposing armed law enforcement on campuses », Reports El País. Ted Cruz, who like Donald Trump will attend the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention on May 27 in Houston, Texas. the powerful pro-gun lobby pouring millions into elected Republican campaigns “, Emphasizes for his part The world.

In Ukraine, Sievierodonetsk is almost completely surrounded by the Russians

The conquest of Donbass in eastern Ukraine has taken place ” the decisive blow of the war for the Russians, who failed to take the capital and the northern part of the country, after more than 3 months of brutal offensive, explains Times. And in the crosshairs of this conquest, the city of Sievierodonetsk, one of the largest in the Donbass ” acts as a strategic take “, Emphasizes for his part Guardian. The Russians are trying to seize it at all costs by ” pounding her relentlessly “.” The city is now almost surrounded “, reports Wall Street Journal Named ” of bombardments so intense that it will soon be reduced to ashes “.

Worry ” of a risk of overflow calls the Ukrainian resistance to more heavy weapons to match the Russian firepower “, Emphasizes Times. ” In any case, Russia is paying a high price for this offensive “, comments on his page The world.Moscow is losing so many men that it may even have to change its strategy », Estimates the German daily newspaper, which notes« that the Russian parliament has just abolished the maximum age limit for enlisting in the army “.

Boris Johnson refuses to resign despite a damning ‘Partygate’ report

The Prime Minister is touched but not sunk “, mean FinancialTimes despite the publication of the report Truly Dusting by Sue Gray “, Which on its 40 pages describes” how booze flowed freely at 10 Downing Street “. While the country was in full confinement,” the aperitifs were connected in the prime minister’s residence, drank until 6 p.m. 04.00, with sometimes even fights, vomiting, wine stains on the walls “, details about DailyMirror.That’s what Boris Johnson calls a work day », Mocks him Guardianthe remorse expressed by the Prime Minister lasted only 30 seconds “, Still condemns the daily.

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And yet this report has not fatally wounded prime minister “, explains FinancialTimes even though he showed he was unfit to lead “. Conservatives” seems resigned to see him stay in office “, while the country’s priorities, in particular” rising cost of living “Instructs to turn the page as soon as possible, it begs Daily mail. Boris Johnson is expected to announce ” a package of measures to support households “, Emphasizes Telegraph.A discount on the energy bill “, WHO” could help Downing Street divert attention from Partygate The British assure daily.


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