Here are the 7 red flags you need to be wary of if you want to avoid “serial dates” at all costs

Be one “serial dater” is far from a compliment. In fact, it denotes a person accumulating relationships upon relationships, often without time to really take the time to digest each breakup. That serial dater often have a very bad reputation because they are fond of seduction and are often allergic to commitment. So ladies, if you are looking for true love and a healthy and serious relationship, we advise you to take you on your heels and run away from them as far as possible.

Advice from an expert

Easier said than done, it is often very difficult at first to see the warning signs. In fact, these Don Juans tend to make you staple easily and then clear off as soon as they arrive. So to prevent you from falling into the net of his female admirers and potentially suffering. The American psychotherapist Ginger Dean, who specializes in healing after toxic conditions, has identified for you the 7 signs that it is important to be wary of if you want to avoid a serial dater at all costs. So if you recognize yourself in one of these signals, there is only one thing to do: end this relationship!

Listen to your instincts

It is important to listen to your instincts. Actually red flag are small alarm signals to warn us about the toxicity of a relationship. These warning signs can, for example, signal the person’s bad behavior. It also means that we do not necessarily share the same expectations and the same future prospects as you. That red flag also help protect against the likely risk that it may make you suffer from becoming fully and emotionally involved in this relationship.

He constantly blames others

To hear him talk, all his exes are crazy who wanted him bad. If he tends to always put the blame on others and to sacrifice himself all the time. This should give you a hint. In fact, if he is not very aware of his past relationships and finds it difficult to explain to you correctly why those relationships ended in failure and his responsibility for this breach. So RED ALARM !!!

He has been unfaithful before

Yes, everyone has made mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. On the other hand, if he has been unfaithful several times in his past relationships, this should give you a hint about his true intentions.

He connects relationships

In the event that he tends to remain single very rarely, this should alert you. In fact, if after a breakup they chain relationships and accumulate conquests, this can be a sign of emotional dependence. And you’re not immune to him doing the same thing to you.

He never questions himself

When you tell him about a problem if you find that your boyfriend is not questioning himself at all. Even worse ! He always has this mischievous gift to find a good excuse to justify this behavior: quarreling with family, hard time at work, money problems, etc. If he has this gift to constantly make you feel guilty, run away so fast as possible!

It triggers situations

If you did not know situation conditions is an increasingly common practice. And that serial daters love it! This term refers to relationships where people tend to initiate obscure relationships often without actually saying their true intent. If this situation may seem comfortable at first. As the relationship develops, there is no framework defined, so you never know what to expect with the person. So believe us, if you do not want your little heart to end up being broken, we advise you to flee.

He flees from the discussions

As soon as you want to discuss a serious topic with him, he flees or says he has better things to do. It is a red flag obvious to take into account from the start of the relationship. This is a detail that must not be overlooked. If he refuses to listen to you when you start a discussion or regularly interrupts you while discrediting you. So you should consider reconsidering this relationship. In fact, all day long hear phrases such as “You laugh all the time”, “you are never happy” or “Oh, but you’re exaggerating there”. This is anything but normal!


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