Landing of Station Cosmos and Space Loop, the new hotel and restaurant of Futuroscope

Futuroscope opened the doors of Station Cosmos, the first themed hotel and Space Loop, a restaurant attraction unique and unique in France. Located at the gates of the park, the complex was designed by Futuroscope to meet the high expectations of a clientele seeking immersion and new emotions.

Station Cosmos, a new hotel on the theme of space

In 2190, as space travel entered a new era, Station Cosmos was the first space exploration base on the planet Kepler 442-b in the heart of the constellation Lyra. Hotel guests are invited to step into the shoes of the crew members of this space base during their stay at Futuroscope.

The 76 family rooms at Station Cosmos are designed like the cabins of a spaceship. The hotel cabins are designed for families and can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Combining original design and comfort, they form real cocoons conducive to rest and escape, as they accentuate the feeling of being light years away from Earth. The themed space is felt in every detail of the hotel to provide visitors with the most immersive experience. Breakfast is served in the Space Loop themed restaurant, which is next door to the hotel.

  • 76 family rooms
  • Room of at least 28m2
  • 2 x 2 communicating cabins
  • 2 cabins with terrace
  • Certified HQE (High Environmental Quality), Station Cosmos also aims for the Tourism & Handicap label
  • From €342 (excluding tourist tax and administration costs) for one night at Station Cosmos for 2 persons with breakfast included at Space Loop and 2 days visit to the Futuroscope Park.

Space Loop Experience Restaurant: The Sign Makes Its Show

To complete the experience dimension of Station Cosmos, Futuroscope has come up with an amazing and spectacular restaurant concept thanks to a robotic transport system. After placing an order via touch tablets, Space Loop customers have the unusual experience of seeing their dishes from the top of the restaurant on a system of rails connecting through sharp bends, loops and other stunning figures to reach the end of their race.

With 208 seats, the restaurant welcomes visitors for lunch and dinner and even for an afternoon break. It is also open to non-park visitors.

Le Bar des Pilotes: a resting place for the adventurers of Station Cosmos

Located on the first floor of the central module of Station Cosmos, the Bar des Pilotes is the meeting place for adventurers waiting for their next missions. This place of relaxation combines a lounge and a warm atmosphere. The Bar des Pilotes is extended with a panoramic outdoor terrace with a breathtaking view of the Futuroscope Park and the departure of aircraft on mission.

A custom card made by a duo of artists

To develop the cocktail menu, Futuroscope called on the team at L’Alchimiste, which included Matthias Giroud, one of the world’s top lead mixologists, and Melinda Guerin White, the liquid experience trending expert. This lounge bar welcomes residents of Hotel Station Cosmos daily from 12:00 to 22:00, but is also open to all visitors and non-visitors of the Futuroscope theme park.

About Futuroscope

Futuroscope, 1er amusement park founded in France in 1987, which welcomes nearly 2 million visitors every year. The park is now positioned as a family park in its own right, the irresistible place where all the attractions stimulate and develop the most beautiful mistakes: curiosity, by allowing its visitors to live extraordinary technological and human experiences and adventures. More than 40 attractions await visitors for an unforgettable stay with family or friends.

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