Mainvilliers – Lucé, the round ball to ease the tension

An operation among others. As part of the “Stop violence” project, initiated by the Jules-Verne social pedagogical center in Mainvilliers, young people from Mainvilliers, Lucé and Chartres, accompanied by their parents, participated side by side in the Paris festival SG of Mbappé v Metz (5- 0), this Saturday, May 21 at the Parc des Princes.

“Football brings people together,” said Diafara Gary, coach of the Amicale de Lucé and a specialist in prevention education in the city. “Through sport, we can re-establish a link, make sure young people understand that we are all in the same boat,” adds Ndu Osaje, player and training manager at CS Mainvilliers.

Young people from Lucéens and Mainvillois gathered for a project against violence

In the two clubs in the Chartres area, which were opponents in the semi-finals of the Eure-et-Loir Cup, on Thursday 26 May (15.00), at Bernard-Maroquin Stadium, words and deeds meet. The association and CSM strive individually, but also together, to combat violence between young people in the neighborhoods of the two cities.

“We all know each other, we like each other and we go hand in hand”

These fights culminated in a tragedy in 2020 in which two teenagers died, stabbed and lynched at two-month intervals. The two clubs were directly affected, Bakary, a victim, had worn the Lucéen jersey and played at Mainvilliers at the time of the tragedy. “Everyone has a bit of it,” breathes Diafara Gary.

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Since then, they have intensified their efforts and have come closer to reducing rivalry. Several symbolic friendly matches have already been played this season. “We all know each other, we like each other and we go hand in hand,” says Diafara Gary. “We see things the same way and there is real coherence,” says Ndu Osaje.

In the field, CSM has created a project called “We have known each other ever since”. “The idea is to create connections between young people from different cities so that they can create positive memories together,” explains Ndu Osaje. With Lucé-Ouest, the second club in town, we have already arranged an orienteering race at Les Vauroux. We also imagine sharing training sessions, doing tournaments together. »

“There was still one death on each side, it will not be forgotten like that. But things are moving forward.”

In Lucé, where Diafara Gary plays a very important role in the districts, the desire is also to involve the licensees in various actions. But football remains the most important vector of the match. “When the children are on the field, they do not hang out on the street. We do not have many resources, but we work hard. Thanks to football, we are able to hold on to them, ”says the educator, who went through Mainvilliers and is now based in Lucé.

It may not be a coincidence. For some time, tensions seem to have dropped a bit. “There was still a death on every side, it will not be forgotten like that. But things are moving forward,” said Ndu Osaje. This Thursday afternoon, the example should come from the pitch and the stands. the message we carry is that this meeting is going to be a great party! ”

Mainvilliers and Saint-George’s favorites
One and two divisions away in their favor. At home against Amicale de Lucé (R3) and at ES Maintenon-Pierres (R3), CS Mainvilliers (R2) and Saint-Georges-sur-Eure (R1) start as favorites this afternoon during the semi-finals in Eure. -et-Loir Cup. But both meetings remain open. CSM will face a Lucan team that has already validated its rise in R2. Saint-Georgeois, they could already have the lead in their Sunday game against Joué Touraine, a crucial meeting for the maintenance.
Eure-et-Loir Cup (semi-finals): CS Mainvilliers (R2) – Amicale de Lucé (R2); ES Maintenon-Pierres (R3) – Saint-Georges-sur-Eure (R1), today at 15.00
District Cup (semifinals): ES Maintenon-Pierres (D2) – Saint-Georges-sur-Eure (D1) today at 12:30; FC Beauvoir (D2) – Illiers (D1), 1 June.
Eure-et-Loir Cup U18 (semi-finals): ES Maintenon-Pierres – Nogent-le-Rotrou, today at 10:30; Champhol / Jouy – Mainvilliers, today at 15.00

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