Mehdi El Glaoui lives discreetly on the coast with her family after a ruined career and 15 years of conflict with her mother

Mehdi El Glaoui, actor and director, has long struggled to come out of the shadows of her first successful role. His mother’s ubiquitous presence in his career unfortunately led their relationship to a conflict that would never be resolved until her death. Here’s part of the story of Mehdi El Glaoui.

Mehdi El Glaoui, very young, knew how to warm the hearts of thousands of people through his role as Sébastien in “Belle et Sébastien”, a 1960s cult soap opera directed by his mother, Cécile Aubry.

A great victory, which, however, has become a blockage in his career, as he could not get rid of the fame of the character Sébastien. Find out what has become of Mehdi El Glaoui, from an emblematic character to a life withdrawn from the media that has not been able to rectify its conflicting relationship with its mother.

Portrait of Mehdi el Glaoui, the young actor from the “Belle et Sébastien” series. | Photo: Getty Images


Appearances after appearances in various series, films, theater scene, the young Mehdi El Glaoui climbed the ladder of his career since his success in the series “Belle et Sébastien”. Although he was initially pushed by his mother, the director of this flagship series, he very quickly developed a genuine passion and ambition for acting.

At the height of his teenage years, the actor completed acting for the series “Le Jeune Fabre” (1973) and immersed himself in the world of cinema through films such as “Catherine et Compagnie” (1975) or again “The Cousin” (1997).

In addition, he explored nearby horizons such as the theater through the play “Un point c’est tout!”. Beyond these, Mehdi El Glaoui did not stop at this enthusiasm in front of the camera or even on stage. On the contrary, he wanted to explore it further and therefore decided to make his own films.

Only 28 years old, he released his very first film entitled “Première classe” (1984), unaware at the time that the latter would later achieve César for best short fiction film. A few years followed, and Mehdi El Glaoui released his second film, “Nuit bleue” (1989), and then ended his adventure as a director in 2008 with “Mao est Mort”.

French actor of Moroccan origin Mehdi El Glaoui on the set of the TV series “Belle et Sébastien”, directed by his mother Cécile Aubry and Jean Guillaume. | Photo: Getty Images

In 2013, Mehdi El Glaoui was honored to play his scenes with the young boy who would take the torch to “Sébastien” in the recently released film of the same name as the series that inspired him: Belle et Sébastien.

On this occasion, the actor had written a letter in memory of the amazing journey he had experienced thanks to this successful role, and does not hesitate to share his feelings in relation to this transfer.

“I have to play my scene with this little guy, I’m nervous, I feel like I’m looking at myself in a mirror whose mirror image has forgotten to age. It’s very disturbing. Do you know Félix that we will call you Sébastien in at least 50 years? That you are asked about the dog every day? And that young girls will come to you and tell you that their grandmother was in love with you?

contained this famous letter from the actor who had served to announce the coming of the film.


Mehdi El Glaoui had tasted success. A success that, of course, revolved around Sébastien, but a success that he owes to his mother, Cécile Aubry.

French actor Mehdi El Glaoui poses on November 21, 2013 in Paris before the release of the film ‘Belle et Sebastien’ on December 18. | Photo: Getty Images

But that is also why their relationship was like a Ferris wheel. His experience, Mehdi El Glaoui shares it in his autobiography, “The Beautiful Story of Sébastien”, published on November 28, 2013, where he accurately shows his career, which had brought unresolved conflicts in his relationship with his mother, who died in 2010 .

He confided in this regard during an interview with Gala:

“She dreamed of a very specific child and created it with her talent as a storyteller. (…) It no longer worked between us from the moment I stopped resembling her imagination.”

Unfortunately, Mehdi El Glaoui did not only have to deal with the complexities that were with his mother. He also had to say a premature goodbye to his father.


Also in his autobiography, Mehdi El Glaoui tells about his father, Brahim El Glaoui. But more precisely by its absence. The loss of this beloved, but above all of his only father figure created a huge deficiency in the personal but also professional life of the young Mehdi, who was then 15 years old.

Actor Mehdi El Glaoui participates in ‘Vivement Dimanche’ at Pavillon Gabriel on 25 November 2015 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

“I missed him. I did not have a male referee, and it took me a long time to find my personal and professional balance. When my father died when I was 15, I needed to flee.”

he confessed.

This lack, which characterized the young actor so much, had made him so raw that he felt oppressed by his mother’s presence, added by a constant reminder of the impression that his identity was attached to Sébastiens.

“I asked for my release as a 17-year-old. I needed to build myself outside my mother’s gaze. I needed loneliness. (…) And I was tired of being thrown away in Belle’s face and Sébastien on every street corner “,

were his words.


It was through an interview with Paris Match that the beginning of the love story between Mehdi El Glaoui and Virginie Stevenoot was revealed.

Actor Mehdi El Mezouari El Glaoui photographed in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

The contented woman, also an actress, recounts how she fell directly under the actress when she saw him during a rehearsal in a Parisian theater. Determined, she launched the first contact, but thought she had taken a rip. Luckily she was in good company. Virginia said:

“When I saw him, I said to myself, ‘He’s for me.’

Perhaps this is a factor that contributed to this meeting becoming an idyll, but Virginia at the time had never heard of Sébastien, whose reputation always preceded that of the actor. Later, she had humorously admitted:

“Belle and Sébastien did not mean much to me. I was born in 1971, it’s not my generation …”


After his performance with Félix Bossuet in 2013, Mehdi El Glaoui said goodbye to the cameras, to filming and especially to his place in front of the screens. In fact, the former actor seems to have chosen a peaceful life in good company with his wife on the Basque coast and at the Moulin Bleu in Essonne.

French actor Mehdi El Glaoui poses on the streets of Lille, northern France, on December 4, 2013, before a press release of the French film ‘Belle et Sébastien’, a remake of the TV series ‘Belle et Sébastien’. the star 50 years ago. | Photo: Getty Images

However, it is completely impossible to draw a line from a passion that will have lasted a lifetime. Hand in hand, Mehdi El Glaoui and his wife thus created a theater called “Le petit bijou”, in Biarritz, where they welcome spectators and actors who share this shared passion.

From a fine career in cinema to the creation of a haven for peace belonging to a neighboring universe that is theater, Mehdi El Glaoui will have brought his seed of light into the lives of all those who knew him.

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