The beginning of spring and the golden age of racing back in the France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge 2022!

In front of an extraordinary audience of more than 15,000 people, Debut de Printemps France won the Sire Anjou Loire Challenge in the style of a Romain Julliot at the top of his game, for the training of Etienne and Grégoire Leenders. Relive the entire Facebook Live of a moment with sports and emotions that will characterize the story.

Magic! Suddenly, the golden age of racing has returned to the Lion d’Angers racetrack for the France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge, on this Thursday of the Ascension on May 26, 2022. A crazy world that filled the stands before 6 p.m. Palio of the Commons of Horses. a white-hot atmosphere as the 8 fighters from the France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge entered the parade, with their jockeys clapping wildly before the start. A sick parade. Insane pressure. A tangible feeling in every pair of eyes. The world. This world. This ultimately unchanging racing audience when offered a show and a welcome that meets today’s requirements.

GoPro spring debut

Athletes, they supported all the participants. Deliciously chauvinistic, Lion d’Angers’ publicity in triumph carried one child of the country, or rather two: Gregory Leenders and Romain Julliot. In the late 1980s, when the prospect of going to races made the eyes of children like me, like us, shine, who spent unique days on the Lion d’Angers racetrack among children who burned for horses, nature and festivities. , invent races between the trees, jump all imaginary obstacles, devour french fries (with ketchup) on peanuts (3 packs for 10 francs), vibrate with the horses while sticking to the track. The Must of the Must was apparently the cross that lived at the top of the piano or at the last stern.

20 years later, everything has changed, but the amazing thing is that nothing has changed in the end. After two decades of mass destruction carefully constructed by so many institutional fraudsters (many of whom were fired) and by the sinister diggers of racing (not all of them were fired), opponents have resisted and are still able to hit the balloons back to the heart of the races .

Races for men, races for women and races for children. Nothing happens without family, and the racing family meets at Lion d’Angers. Gregory LeendersThe winner’s coach comes to welcome his master, The beginning of springwith her 7-month-old daughter in her arms, Mahaut. And he himself is accompanied by his father, Etienne Leendersalso his partner, the same one who escaped the kids 20 years ago (Grégoire and his younger brother Gabriel, no less furious) when they arrived with Maman Christine at the racetrack, to win races, and especially crosses, on one of his favorites battlefields.

Since the beginning of the year, Grégoire Leenders has been targeting the France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge. He knew he had the horse for it, Beginning of Spring, student of Jean-Baptiste Bossuetthe double winner of the Prix d’Amérique with Baune Tenor and Woodland Dryad, who arrived from the Thouars racetrack 5 minutes before the race! To put all the chances on his side, Grégoire has secured the services from Romain Julliota champion of the discipline, winner of the 2021 National Cross Trophy, already double winner of the France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge with Posilox in 2014 and 2017, and the first jockey to pass 3. Romain is also a local kid. He is the nephew and the spit picture ofHenri Julliot, formerly excellent cross-country pilot who now manages the locker room. Tonton is hugely proud of his nephew. Like the 15,000 spectators who are proud of Romain, their friend, the canton’s child who became a prophet in his country.

Grégoire Leenders, on the verge of tears right after the post.

PS: As we are not objective at all at France Sire, we are super proud to sponsor France Sire Anjou Loire Challenge, which is our favorite race. And besides, we really like Leenders, and we really like Romain Julliot. Him too, and with good reason! He wins almost every time he carries the camera on board … the magic gopro!

Gabriel Leenders congratulates his father Etienne

The beginning of spring with its everyday rider, Grégoire Denuault

Romain Julliot

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