a high-performance ultra-short-throw 4K projector

If you are looking for an ultra short throw laser DLP, the XGIMI Aura projector will certainly interest you. You must indeed have found his name through your research, and if you want to know what it’s really worththis article should inform you more about it.

Zoom on the Xgimi Aura Laser Projector

XGIMI Brand specializes in designing more or less compact video projectors for the general public. The first ultra-short-throw 4K model is none other than the XGIMI Aura projectorand it is this model that we are going to talk about here, available for a price of 2499 euros.

The XGIMI Aura Projector runs on Android TV 10 and offers a start menu with the usual thumbnails, which is a plus for many users. To function optimally, the latter uses a DLP platform with a 0.47 inch DMP chip as well as a wobble system, making it possible to offer a 4K image from a Full HD matrix. This model is compatible with 4K HDR-10, HLG and 3D Ready with: DLP-Link Glasseswhich can be purchased as an option.

The XGIMI Aura Projector is to use with a fairly classic remote control, and easy to use. That last one works in Bluetooth connection, so you can use the projector anywhere in a room. You don’t have to aim an infrared sensor

image side

This is the part that maybe will interest you the most† The optical block of the XGIMI Aura, as you have read above, is of the “ultra short focal” type, with a throw ratio of 0.233:1. It is motorized for the focus adjustment, and so does not have the latter mechanical zoom† So it’s up to you to determine the ideal location, to project an image of the size of your choice. For example :

  • To obtain a diagonal image of 110 inches : projector placed 28 cm from the screen.
  • For a 120-inch diagonal image: : projector placed 24 cm from the screen.

The XGIMI Aura Projector is quite hefty for its dimensions (60.6 cm wide, 40.1 cm deep and 13.9 cm high, for a total weight of 7 kg), but it is also an asset in this case, as this projector allows to a very large image, with limited recoil

Otherwise, the XGIMI Aura offers 5 picture modes when making adjustments:

  • Movie
  • Football
  • Desk
  • Game
  • Amended

On our side, we chose it for “desktop mode” which is not as cold as other models and which fits perfectly with the use we make of it. We also tried our hand at color matching, with manual management color temperature. Thanks to this feature, you can easily adjust the intensity of blue, green and red, but you will not get the same result as if the interface would provide you a gain setting† Advanced settings with more options would have allowed better calibration of the projector.

Indeed, to be able to watch a series in an optimal way, it is better to close the shutters a little. The projected production can be viewed in bright light, but the brightness then seems a bit dim to us, although it is intended 2,400 ANSI lumens† We note in this regard some problems related to the light tones and details that are difficult to see in the background, no doubt due to a lack of accuracy in calibrationthat we mentioned earlier.

design lace

The two-tone design of the XGIMI Aura is interesting, because this set of gray and black fits perfectly with the partial shade, allowing you to discover your favorite audiovisual productions† The audio part is located on the front and the latter is covered with an acoustically transparent fabric. The set is quite elegant, although compact, but we will come back to this later† The black acoustic fabric that hides the Harman Kardon audio system is well made and, in our experience, seems very resistant. We have materials here that are made to last, unmistakable quality when you want to buy a video projector

power side

On the side of his laser device, the maximum power is announced at 2,400 ANSI Lumens. In addition, the XGIMI Aura claims a lifetime of 25,000 hours before the laser. It is also interesting to note that the operating noise of the device is not inaudible, with slightly less 38 dB at 50 cm in performance mode† Also note that the sound will be more discreet in standard mode, but at least the latter is not really annoying, and will soon be forgotten. It is still necessary to be aware of this before choosing this model.

As for the CPU, it’s a MediaTek MT9629and as for the graphics chip, it’s a Mali-G52 GPU† If you’re wondering, the RAM of the XGIMI Aura is 2 GB and the storage memory is 32 GB. After our tests we can say that Android TV interface works smoothly (without however achieving the results suggested by the latest televisions on the market), but the speed of execution remains optimal.

Connector side:

The XGIMI Aura Features three HDMI 2.0 connections, two USB 2.0 connections, a mini-jack connection and an optical digital audio output on the back of the unit, which is more than enough for everyday home use. You do not have DTT tuner, on the other hand, on this model. But good news: Bluetooth 5.0, which you can use Harman Kardon sound system from your own phone!

and the sound system?

The XGIMI Aura has a Harman Kardon sound system that offers good sound quality, although the bass is a bit forgotten as the projector is not present subwoofer† On the settings side, you can activate DTS (or not, that depends) and choose from the following three modes, which are already predefined:


If you are looking an easy-to-install video projectorwhich is suitable for all kinds of living rooms, which can provide you with a picture over 100 inches at a price that is in the middle of the markets, and that you are not too picky about the fact that a projector must be completely silent, then you might fall for the XGIMI Aura model. For our part, we really appreciate being able to test an ultra-short focal laser DLP to see the series. Moon Knight especially because it was possible for us to move around the room without risk cast shadows on the screenin addition to being able to watch the series with very good image quality.

And if a video projector of the same brand, but in portable version, interests you, you can always refer to our previous article on this.

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