at La Chapelle-Janson near Fougères, all fans of Eduardo Camavinga

Impossible to miss: when we arrive at the synthetic track in Chapelle-Janson, which hosts the CF2L club (La Chapelle-Janson, Fleurigné, Laignelet, Le Loroux), we immediately encounter a life-size portrait of Eduardo Camavinga placed on a marble slab.

Here we are at Eduardo Camavinga inter-municipal land“slips Nicolas Martinais, educator at CF2L. At 19, The Real Madrid club already has a pitch in its name. And that is largely due to Nicolas Martinais, who was one of the first teachers of Camavinga, at the time at the Drapeau de Fougères. “He came to sponsor since June last year with his entire family.“specifies the one who has become a friend of Camavinga.”He is a good role model and a good godfather because he is sunny, he always smiles. Off the field, we do not hear bad things about him. He is always affordable, he is classy. “

All Camavinga fans

Until his departure for Madrid, the midfielder regularly walked around the railing on the pitch, which now bears his name: “He often came on Wednesday mornings because his little brother was playing at our house, so he went with him, remembers Nicolas Martinais. It even happened that one Saturday morning he called me to tell me that he was available and that he would come and train his brother’s team in a tournament that we were arranging. There were other clubs present, all the kids have wonderful memories.“Out of the forty children who train, more than half wear a Camavinga jersey, Real Madrid, Stade Rennais or France’s team version.

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He did not take the big head, he knows where he comes from, he still has his head on his shoulders. – Manuela, mother of a young CF2L graduate

Here, almost everyone has already seen the former Stade Rennais player. And the opinions of parents of young players are unanimous: “He is a model for everyone, he is someone who is humblereports Gildas. Although my son now wants to play for Real Madrid and I have to explain to him that he still has a lot of work to do (laughs) have fun the father in the family. Manuela has the same speech: he is a guy who is very simple, he came more than once, he played with the kids, he gave them autographs … The kids were super happy! He does not have a big head, we could approach him, talk to him, he still has his values, he did not take a big head on him. He knows where he’s coming from and he has his head on his shoulders.

The kids recorded a short video of support for Real Madrid midfielder. All fans of Camavinga, of course, and they follow the Fougerais season very closely: “I think he starts as a substitute and he comes in during the match“says Pierre, who has apparently noticed Eduardo Camavinga’s sensational post since the start of the Madrid Champions League campaign.

His former coach was not so surprised to see Eduardo Camavinga in the Champions League final

For Nicolas Martinais, who will be at the Stade de France on Saturday night, it’s emotional to see Eduardo Camavinga play in a Champions League final so early in his career: “Everything goes in a hurry for him … From the age of 5 to 19, he goes from a neighborhood football pitch to Madeleine, to the Drapeau de Fougères, to the Champions League final at the Stade de France with the biggest club in the world. In addition, his performance is excellent, he is proud and I am happy on his behalf because he deserves it. I am not surprised by his performance, although his progression in physical influence surprises me. He still has more playing time than I thought when he left.And to conclude:Everything works for him!

A perfect summary of Eduardo Camavinga’s daydream since his first professional match at 4pm at the Stade Rennais.

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