Free swimming pool for children in Tonnerre this summer

Once is not customary, Émilie Orgel led the debates in the municipal council of Tonnerre, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, and replaced at short notice Cédric Clech, the mayor, prevented at the last minute.

During this express meeting, the elected representatives made decisions for the summer season, and in particular for the benefit of the young people. To develop Tonnerre’s appeal in the summer, they have voted to make the swimming pool free for children aged 6 to 14 including residents of Tonnerre. This measure will enter into force on 4 July and will continue until 31 August. It will not concern grandchildren on holiday with their grandparents, even though the latter are from Tonnerrois.

The purpose of the surgery is to encourage children to return to the pool. “At the same time, the operation” I learn to swim “will be renewed this summer by the lifeguards. After two years of health crisis, many young people have not been able to learn to swim in school, and it is important to compensate for this lost time,” stressed the first assistant.

High attendance in Tonnerre swimming pool in 2021

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An agreement with Flogny-la-Chapelle

The municipality of Flogny-la-Chapelle has followed in Tonnerre’s footsteps. It will also allow children to enjoy this free admission. “We will sign an agreement with Flogny,” the selected Thunderer indicated. “The principle is that Flogny municipality will take care of the young people’s registrations and will pay us the total amount at the end of the season”, emphasized Émilie Orgel. The number of registrations will be re-invoiced at the current rate.

“This unit is not only reserved for Flogny’s children, if another community in Tonnerrois also wants its children to benefit from it, we are ready to sign the same agreement with it,” continued Émilie Orgel. “The community of municipalities might be able to investigate the issue and get all of Tonnerroy’s children to benefit from it,” Dominique Aguilar suggested for her part. “In addition, it would be in line with the Terre de Jeux 2024 operation carried out by Tonnerrois in Burgundy,” added Christian Robert.

Another unit for the summer, the Social Pole will set up a Pass’loisir for its members and recipients. Special prices will be offered to them for the cinema, the swimming pool and the use of the tennis courts. “The social center will bear the price difference,” the assistant suggested. This provision was adopted unanimously.

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