New movies and series to watch on Netflix from May 27th to June 2nd

Netflix releases a series of movies and series in its catalog every week without anyone noticing them or the platform officially announcing it. Ecran Large looks back at the new features added by Netflix from May 27 to June 2, 2022, movies and series gathered in a non-exhaustive list.

What movies and series should you not miss this weekend on the streaming platform?


Available on Netflix – Duration: 7 episodes between 1h and 1h40

What is it talking about : Six months have passed since the battle of Starcourt, which sowed terror and desolation over Hawkins. A new supernatural threat emerges and with it a terrible mystery that could be the key to ending the horrors of Upside Down.

Why you should see it : Because she’s finally here. Due to a recording that was postponed due to a global pandemic, it took three years to see the teens (not as young as that) from Stranger Things after a third season still in third place of the most-watched American series on Netflix (after the first two seasons of Bridgerton). Much awaited, this fourth season should be the penultimate.

After a nostalgic ending to season 3 marked by the death of two characters (well, that was what they wanted us to believe) and especially by the departure of the Student and Byers family, expectations are high. We will therefore find the remaining team for their entry into high school, a shift in horizons that could well divide the group even more. And as we suspected, Upside Down will still come into conflict with the real world and a new creature, Vecna, that looks more like a zombie than a Demogorgon-type monster. will come to terrorize the already tormented city of Hawkins.


On Netflix May 28 – Duration: 2:08 p.m.


What is it talking about : Chicago, in the heart of unrest, takes four women who have nothing in common but a debt associated with their dead husband’s criminal activity, their fate in their own hands and conspires together to create the future of their own choosing.

Why you should see it : Because Steve McQueen is one of the bold and fresh directors to follow in contemporary British film. Indignant Hunger, Shame and recently the series small axisthe filmmaker directed in 2018 an intense feminine robbery film with the title Widows Far from the opportunist of one Ocean’s Eight.

Technically very successful thriller and not without virtuosity, Widows is a wonderful piece of stimulating and controlled suspense based on strong women rebelling against a certain toxic masculinity. Both the robbery film and the ode to sorority will later become the feature film a fascinating social study of the inequalities that plague America today. And if you’re not a fan of the genre, Widows worth discovering, if nothing else for its simply astonishing cast of lead artists.

Godzilla II: King of the Monsters

On Netflix May 29 – Duration: 2h12

Godzilla: King of the Monsters: PicturesGodzilla in her foot bath

What is it talking about Not only does Godzilla continue to roam the four corners of the planet, but other large beasts appear everywhere. There is rififi in the air.

Why you should see it : Granted, this successor to the Sovereign Godzilla by Gareth Edwards abounds with shortcomings (lazy script, antagonists referring to the good old eco-terrorists of the 1990s), and the press did not fail to notice it. But how can you ignore your delight at such a sincere tribute to the Toho universe and such a generous monstrous royal battle? While the Hollywood industry has not previously spared our favorite lizard, Michael Dougherty literally gives him his crown backeven if it means attracting contempt from the guardians of the temple for the modern blockbuster.

The Kaiju eiga fan will feel every hair on his body rise as he witnesses the rebirth of the only King Ghidorah. The nostalgia of the Showa era, for his part, will surely bring tears to his eyes when he sees the respect with which this $ 170 million blockbuster treats these icons of Japanese film culture. And both will be transported by Bear McCreary’s music, and dutifully picks up the theme for each of the monsters to take it to the stratospheres in the epic. Long live the king!

Our review of Godzilla 2

K-19: Widower

On Netflix June 1 – Duration 2h18

K-19: Widower: Photo Harrison Ford“Captain, Captain, you’re not the Captain”

What is it talking about : Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson are Russian, but above all aboard the first nuclear submarine in the Soviet arsenal, the K-19, whose main reactor cooling system fails. Detonators and a nuclear-powered engine threaten to explode, but they are cut off from the outside world and the rest of the Russian navy due to an antenna failure. Last mistake: If such an explosion took place, the United States could believe in a first Soviet attack and trigger a total war.

Why you should see it : Because even though she has not reinvented the submarine film, Kathryn Bigelow demonstrates an impressive mastery of filming the tension between the two men and installing an exciting atmosphere with closed doorsclaustrophobic and tragic as sailors sink into the abyss.

Carried by his excellent cast (with Peter Sarsgaard, Christian Camargo or Sam Spruell along with Han Solo and Qui-Gon Jinn), K-19: Widower is before everything the story of men confronting each other, measuring each other, betraying each other, supporting each other, admiring and hating each other. Inspired by the disaster that took place in the 1960s (longest hidden from the public by the Russian authorities and the survivors), the script is a bit patina and tends to fall into sentimentality, but abandons the beta-patriotism of the time to honor the Soviet soldiers of the time (and perhaps a reminder of the unimaginable humanity behind the very real horror of the sinking of the Kursk in 2000, two years before the film was released).

The Florida Project

On Netflix June 1 – Duration 1.51

Florida Project: Photo, Bria Vinaite, Brooklynn PrinceThe color of emotions

What is it talking about : Moonee is 6 years old and lives with her mother in insecurity. Freely released at a motel in the suburbs of Disney World, she strikes the 400 blows there with her little bunch of rude kids.

Why should you see it? Because before they go into official competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 with Red rocketthe American filmmaker Sean Baker has signed on to the very beautiful The Florida Project. A bittersweet painting of today’s USA, the filmmaker is not so much interested in the idea of ​​a particular America hiding its dark face behind the magical excess of its culture, but in capturing how the two are closely connected and constantly connected.

IN The Florida Project, the man transcribes this paradox by taking as his starting point a child who is amazed at the colors of Florida while living in insecurity with his mother at a motel in the suburbs of Disney World. The film embraces evil and humor these children who breathe intoxicating energy and poetry. Sean Baker’s instruction, Chris Bergoch’s writing, and the tenderness of the actors’ play are then combined in a sensitive painting of America’s shattered pots.

the shadow of evil

On Netflix June 1 – Duration: 1h51

Shadow of Evil: photo, John CusackVibe …

What is it talking about : The ingenious novelist Edgar Allan Poe and a detective in Baltimore try to solve a series of confusing crimes based on the author’s gruesome short stories.

Why should you see it? Because this movie directed by James McTeigue to whom we owe it very well v for Vendetta and the worst ninja assassinis in the sure friend of a good From hell, diluted thriller, but no less seductive however. Exciting promise that had everything on paper to make something a big deal, The shadow of evil surprises with its much less bombastic visual proposition than the filmmaker’s earlier works and the disturbing effectiveness of its narrative.

Centered around a highly fictionalized version of the ingenious writer Edgar Allan Poe, the film responds to a confident and hard-hitting rhythm and to a fairly well-executed suspense. John Cusack, more histrionic than ever, answers Luke Evans two years before the unfortunate sign Dracula Untold. The one and the other thus form such an unlikely duo as disturbing with punch and alchemy. So a good surprise too this film with no preconditions other than to entertain and offer an unexpected reunion with the famous American novelist.


The Scorpion King 3, The Last House of the Left, The Hard Corps …

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