Regional 1: Guéret is a match away from marking its history against Poitiers (B)

Entente Sportive Guérétoise has been on the water for three seasons now, and with a day to the end of the championship, a win or a draw could offer a move up to National 3. Luc Davaillon, coach of the first team, looks back on what made this success.

Luc Davaillon during the last match against Feytiat.

How do you explain your team’s very good results in recent years?

“We have a group that has not moved too much for two or three years. Last year we had an excellent start to the season before Covid completely stopped for the championships; it gave us confidence compared to the start of this season and we knew we wanted things to play for. We wanted to play the lead roles and I assume that in this case it is not much to play for and that it is the most consistent team that wins the championship and that is us at the moment. »

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How was this success built?

“I would say that it really is a long-term job, that is, that I have been employed by the club for thirteen years and that three quarters of the children who are on the first team have seen them go to college. , after I found them in the second, first, terminal. We experienced French championships together with the high school and I have always said that for some of these players we did not know their limits. »

Today, the young people in the club are therefore prioritized in relation to recruitment to the first team?

“Every year, our first recruitment is already to keep our players and then to integrate the young people who have been trained in the club thanks to the work of all the educators. In addition to the youngsters, we were also fortunate to welcome three African refugee players who brought a lot to the team. But apart from four players, all the others were trained at the club. »

But is it not difficult to play the lead roles in Region 1 with a group that has never experienced the next level?

“It’s there, it’s sometimes a little complicated, because from experience all the other teams playing uphill like Feytiat or La Rochelle have all the players who have played in national championships. We, except for one player, Kader Diémé , who played in Rodez and Stade Bordelais, our players have never played in a higher level championship. It is a source of pride because it means we have worked well. “

We are in a department that sometimes has trouble keeping up with its youngsters. What are the secrets behind your success?

‘There are two things in my opinion. First the game project that we offer every year and then there is also the club identity that has been advanced since their childhood.

Three-quarters of our first-team players have signed their first club license.

So they have this identity, and even in the difficult times when we fell back into Region 2, very few people asked themselves if they would play somewhere else because they knew that if we had gone down , it was because we had given them their chance to take a place on the first team that they did not yet have the level but that by working they would get there. So it’s a mix of all that: the game project and the club’s identity. »

Last year you went back to R1, three games, three wins before the championships were stopped all season, how did you manage this period?

“As fast as we could, we trained once a week, we tried to regroup as much as we could, we tried to maintain both the connection and the physical condition as best we could.

But during this season, I think we felt the consequences of Covid: There was a period at the beginning of the year where there was a big blow for the worse, with a lot of injuries that are not usual on some of our players.

I think it was the aftermath of covid. For two years we did not do much and there, with the track in the Coupe de France and the championship, we went from July to March and it was difficult for the organizations. »

This year you realize the almost perfect season it will be if you go up at the end of the match on Saturday. What is your greatest pride?

“That’s what I said, it’s competing with experienced teams that have already evolved into higher championships thanks to all the work we’ve been able to do with the educators for ten years: that, that’s really a great pride. Then there is the fact that we can count on all the players without exception, we went for important victories in Thouars and Royan with players from team B, who are mostly under 20 years old. “

What if there should be regret?

“So if there was one, it would be not to have been able to keep Tidiane Diakhaby this winter (back to JA Isle), and then of course, when we change the course of the season, there are necessarily certain matches where we leave we miss the equalizer or the victory in the last seconds, I think especially of the match against Feytiat, where we hit the post at the last second, and then the championship would already be over. “

How do you handle the last encounter against Poitiers (B), who has the best attack in the championship?

“I want to say that it is a final, we must be able to have fun and give joy to the people who come to see us, we hope that they will be as many as against Feytiat. »

Region 1: Guéret and Feytiat neutralize each other at Léo Lagrange Stadium. Creusois is still at the top of the championship

If you succeed in going up to National 3, what will be the next deadlines for the club?

“Decisions need to be made, especially about the players that we can welcome and above all, what will be the first team’s funds next year to set goals ahead.”

Claude Morelle, new president of ES Guéret: a life in yellow and blue

Afterwards, I know that the club’s players really want to develop at this level with the club, so I think we should not lose any players, but we will have to strengthen ourselves anyway to have a somewhat more equipped one. »

Last day. The match between ES Guérétoise and Stade Poitevin FC (2) will be played on Saturday 28 May at 18.00 at Léo-Lagrange Stadium in Guéret (admission to special price: € 5).

What are the three possible scenarios on Saturday night?

Currently, a match from the end, Guérétois leads the championship with two points ahead of La Rochelle and three over Feytiat.
It’s easy to know if Guéret will be yes or no in National 3 next year, unless the yellow and blue buoys tomorrow.

If Entente Sportive Guérétoise wins over Poitiers (B). Guérétois can not be connected and is masters.

If Guéret and Poitiers (B) draw. The Creusois are still at a distance if Feytiat succeeds, and stand a draw with La Rochelle. But with the particular goal difference, where Guéret had won 4-0 in the first match and lost 2-1 in the second match, the Entente remained in the lead and won the championship.

If Guérétois bows to Poitiers (B). In this situation, the yellow and blue do not have their fate in hand and have to wait for the end of their opponent’s matches. If La Rochelle or Feytiat wins, the title is lost. In fact, if Feytiat returns to equal points with a win in Buxerolles on Saturday, Haut-Viennois passes ahead of Entente thanks to the special goal difference (draw 1-1 in the first match, defeat 1-0 in the return leg).

A reservation from La Rochelle filed against Feytiat. On the website of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine league, at the moment we are closing, reservations have been made against Feytiat for having played a suspended player in La Rochelle. But Gérard Lathiere, president of Feytiat, assures that the player in question had served his quarantine in the Haute-Vienne Cup the previous match.

Text: Cédric Goessens

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