Surviving children of Uvalde, they tell the horror


Several children who survived the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, testified about the tragedy in American media.

They have seen the horror up close and will preserve traces of it all their lives. Several children who survived the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, have since Tuesday shared their horrific memories in American media. A total of 19 of their peers and two of their teachers died, murdered in their primary school by an 18-year-old teenager himself shot and killed by police. “You’re all going to die,” he said as he entered the establishment, according to the story of young Samuel Salinas, 10, interviewed by “Good Morning America” ​​on ABC. The boy, whose mother died in a car accident in 2019, said he was dropped off by his aunt the same morning. “It was a normal day until my mistress said we had to limit ourselves. And there were shots through the windows.

To kill as many people as possible, the killer, Salvador Ramos, used a combat rifle he had given himself on his 18th birthday. “He shot the teacher and the kids,” says Samuel, who says he remembers the screams around him. If he survived, it was thanks to a simple chair placed between the shooter and him. “I think he was aiming at me,” he recalls. But the bullet ended up in the chair and only shrapnel hit the child’s leg, as if to survive the lot as if it were dead.

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Miah Cerillo, 11, also played dead after being hit in the back by shrapnel. Because there was already blood all over the class, the little girl got the idea to cover her body with it and not move, in silence in the hope that the killer would not come near. “She did what she had to to get out of it, she played dead,” her aunt commented to ABC13. “I was sitting there without moving, without talking,” says another young survivor, quoted by “People.” Adalynn remembers hearing the shots: “People said it was fireworks, but it did not sound like that.” Three of his cousins ​​were injured in the shooting. The first, while fleeing through a window, was cut from glass. The other was shot in the face and in the legs. The third was wounded in the arm. “I could not sleep the night after, because when I sleep, everything comes back to me,” slips Adalynn.

“They put themselves in front of the students to protect them”

“I hid and told my friends not to make noise because he could hear us,” another little boy told CBS. His parents did not want his name revealed, but he insisted on telling about his traumatic experience. When police intervened, an officer asked the children to scream for help, but the shooter heard one of his comrades aiming at her. “The policeman arrived at the classroom, the guy started shooting at the policeman, and all the cops started shooting.” The reaction of the police is today being questioned by many witnesses but also in the media. Officers allegedly left the assailant alone in the school for nearly an hour before intervening. With the American chain, the angry little boy would pay tribute to his two teachers and say they had saved the lives of many children. “They were cute. They put themselves in front of the students to protect them.

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The young Gemma reveals on her page to Fox4 that she saw a bullet go through the wall. She walked between Jalisa and Stacy (two comrades, editor’s note) and right next to my arm. She just touched the table. The children watched a movie at the time of the tragedy. A happy morning a few days before the end of the school year. But quickly the teacher turned off the light and asked the students to hide. “We stood still under the table. I just cried a little bit. “The police then evacuated Gemma’s class, who started running without looking back.” I was so scared because I thought he could come into our room and kill everyone. “Hours later, Gemma heard about the death of her best friend, Eliahana Cruz Torres, 10. When he too was rescued, Samuel Salina saw “blood all over the floor. And children… just full of blood ”. The little boy, who like all the other survivors is shocked, said he can no longer sleep and has nightmares.

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