Crypto Oasis lists over 1000 blockchain organizations in the UAE

Crypto Oasis Ventures is an ecosystem of blockchain organizations launched in the United Arab Emirates. It is a Dubai-based company that aims to promote the blockchain ecosystem and accelerate blockchain-related organizations in the Middle East and beyond. This business is growing faster than expected. The target of 1,000 blockchain organizations in the ecosystem, which was originally set for the end of 2022, has already been reached seven months ahead of schedule. The United Arab Emirates is working hard for the blockchain!

Middle East and United Arab Emirates: a new attractive region for cryptocurrencies

From Binance, through or Kraken and up to, some of the biggest players in the blockchain world are now settling in the Middle East. Access to various major international cryptocurrency exchanges proves that the region has become an international blockchain hub. Thus, the United Arab Emirates emerges as a new cryptocurrency hub!

An ambition for Crypto Oasis

This new attraction, which was also started in Abu Dhabi for NFTs, is wanted by Ralf Glabischnig, the founder of Crypto Oasis. “It is an exciting time for us as we significantly exceed expectations month after month. Our targets for the year have already been reached and we expect exceptional growth in the future. The first months of 2022 have already shown that the main pillars of growth and building the ecosystem is talent, capital and infrastructure.We believe we are still at an early stage, but with the rate of development and growth we are seeing day by day in the community of this region, we look forward to further promoting the blockchain economy in the Middle East. “

Crypto Oasis’ new goal: 1500 blockchain organizations by the end of 2022

The growth of the Crypto Oasis ecosystem looks set to continue exponentially in the coming months. It is possible to look at this impressive growth, how much regulators in the region welcome innovation in this sector. This reception simplifies obtaining a license and the work of companies related to blockchain. Crypto Oasis’ revised expectation of the number of organizations in the UAE ecosystem by the end of 2022 is now 1,500 organizations. Therefore, the efforts launched in the United Arab Emirates are bearing fruit.

The Middle East and especially the Gulf region are on the rise. These are places that are increasingly being invested in the development of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem in general. Going from regulating NFTs to creating companies that bring together more blockchain-related organizations, the Arabian Peninsula is booming. Crypto Oasis is an obvious manifestation of this. With as many as 1,000 organizations in the blockchain ecosystem, this company can make the region a new major hub for the world of cryptocurrencies.

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