The 10 best seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, according to Ranker

Meredith Gray’s story has been followed by fans for about two decades now, with the 18th season off grey’s Anatomy just finished and the 19th will premiere in the fall. After so many years, it is only natural that the series’ seasons represent ups and downs in terms of quality.

Ranker fans cast thousands of votes to decide which season they think is the best. These range from the fallout of hospital shootings in the eighth season until Seattle Grace merges with Mercy West in the sixth. Since fans all over the world voted, these rankings more or less represent a consensus on which ones grey’s Anatomy which seasons are the best and which are the worst.

ten Season 17

The COVID-19 pandemic has been adapted in a major way by grey’s Anatomy, where Meredith suffered from the disease for most of the 17th season. Viewers seem to have liked this more independent outline, where the characters were separated for their own arches.

During the season, the big characters left, including Jackson, De Luca and Koracick, who all saw their bows closed. Guest appearances by people that Meredith had lost over the years due to her hallucinations also completed plot lines that were underway.

9 Season 10

This season, Meredith’s “person” left in grey’s Anatomy, when Cristina left the hospital to go to Europe alone. As a result, much of the season is about how Meredith and Cristina’s paths diverged, which ultimately led to their farewell.

Other storylines included Derek’s move to the White House to work on a brain mapping project, Callie and Arizona’s separation, and Jackson and April’s marriage. The season ended the stories from the previous one and moved effortlessly to the latest story lines.

8 Season 9

The ninth season did a commendable job of introducing new characters like Jo and Stephanie, while Mark Sloan was removed to move the story in a new direction. Meredith and her friends became beginners and marked the end of their rookie careers and the beginning of their professional lives.

The change in how the hospital was run after the plane crash – it was renamed the Gray Sloan Memorial this season – was the main narrative focus. The fallout from the crash brought some characters like Meredith and Derek closer together, while others like Callie and Arizona saw their relationship permanently damaged.

seven Season 7

Although there are quite a few filler episodes in this grey’s Anatomy season, it featured mature stories like Meredith and Derek’s attempts to adopt a child. Other storylines like the love triangle between Mark, Lexie and Jackson, as well as Mark’s role as the father of Arizona and Callie’s baby came into play.

Richard has to deal with his wife’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and Meredith’s involvement in the case is also part of the season’s story, which fans have enjoyed following. It also deals with the fallout from the hospital shooting and how the characters react to it.

6 Season 3

The third season was the last with the original group as interns, where the characters completed this phase of their lives. Cristina and Burke’s wedding was the main arc of the season, with the finale that he left Cristina when he realized she did not love him.

Meredith’s own interruption of her relationship with Derek due to their unspoken problems came into play now that Derek had released Addison. The latter’s failed relationship with Mark and Alex led the backdoor pilot to Private exercisewhich saw Addison leave the show.

5 Season 5

Izzie’s cancer was the main story of the fifth season, culminating in a heartwarming marriage to Alex just before she was due for treatment. It was the season finale for George, whose death came during the shocking season finale when he was hit by a bus.

It was the first season that showed Meredith and Derek falling into their relationship and actually working on it, which fans preferred over the constant drama. Another fan-favorite pairing was Cristina and Mark, where the latter’s introduction to the series was well received enough to be upgraded as a regular series.

4 Season 1

Meredith Gray will be the main character in grey’s Anatomy‘s pilot, and she’s one of the few characters to appear in each episode of the long-running series. This included Meredith and her group’s struggles as interns, as well as their romances with people around the hospital.

At the time, the new series focused on medical matters, and viewers liked to follow the latest issues that inexperienced doctors had to deal with. Addison’s arrival for the season finale is still one of the series’ most shocking moments, serving as an important hook to get the audience back for the second season.

3 Season 8

Meredith and her band were about to end their stay in the eighth season, marking the end of the career paths that had begun since the start of the series. It deals with arcs like Meredith and Derek’s adoption of their daughter, the endgame of Lexie and Mark’s romance, and Cristina and Mark’s split.

However, the season was mainly praised for the location accident story, where the main characters had to survive after the accident. It killed Lexie and eventually led to Mark’s death as well, while the others had to deal with the consequences of their loss and find a way to live.

2 Season 2

Its second season attracted grey’s Anatomy a reputation as one of the saddest dramas ever aired on television. It was the result of Izzie’s relationship with Denny, which ended up dying in the season finale after Izzie sabotaged his career to keep him alive. Along with this, the bombing episode was another story that captivated the audience.

Meredith has had to deal with Derek’s return to Addison, where the love triangle has become the season’s most important backdrop. Alex’s bad relationship with Izzie and George’s disastrous affair with Meredith increased the tension. It was a perfect second season that gave fans the drama and intrigue they wanted.

1 Season 6

The sixth season saw the merger with Mercy West Hospital, bringing in new characters like Jackson and April, while Arizona was cemented as part of the regular cast. Alex’s life went down a steep slope after Izzie decided to divorce, resulting in a love triangle between him, Lexie and Mark.

Since George’s death and Izzie’s departure, the dynamics of the group have changed as newcomers have been added to shake things up. It seems to have worked in the program’s favor as Ranker fans cast over a thousand votes to pick the sixth season as the majority ‘favorite.

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