this famous singer and jury member of The Voice with whom he had an affair

Pierre Cosso is a personality who has made a name for himself in various fields. Especially swore to The voice, which is a show that has been a huge success. The latter was in a relationship with a surprising person!

The Voice, a show that is a huge success!

Some shows manage to make a name for themselves through different energies. In fact, you should know that there are many television programs in our French audiovisual field.

For this we can find programs that deal with different topics, such as news or even different entertainment.

Thus we can find The voice, which is a program that has been a huge success since its launch. The latter has actually become a reference in the French audiovisual world, and has thus become a program followed by millions of viewers.

Several singers have already had moments of glory on this show. We can especially mention Kendji Girac, who had a career worthy of the name in France. But the jury members are also singers who have had outstanding careers.

One of the latter, who had an idyll with Pierre Cosso, got a surprising revelation about his privacy.

Pierre Cosso, and the woman he was in a relationship with!

Some personalities reserve many surprises regarding their privacy.

This is understandable as the latter do not want to reveal their entire privacy through the media. In this way, they protect their loved ones and members of their entourage from various media exposures.

On his side, Pierre Cosso is a personality who especially hid certain things about his privacy. The latter is actually known for having been an actor in many series and movies.

A rich career that hides certain information. We actually learned that Pierre Cosso, even though he is wildly in love with his current wife, he shared an idyll with a famous woman in France.

But before he found happiness with this lovely Polynesian, the actor had revealed in La Boum 2 along with Sophie Marceau several love stories.

The latter had during the trials of the casting fallen for his partner and then made great revelations. But on the occasion of the release of his new album, For a better worldthis Friday, May 27, Pierre Cosso confided without disguise about his love life.

He was especially in a relationship with a star from French singing, who in particular had a career as big as many others.

It is thus in a concrete interview he told about his relationship with the singer Zazie. A relationship that lasted between 1989 and 1991, which brought back many memories!

He thus clarifies the following: I had a very strong story, a love story with Zazie. We stayed together for several years. The story with her is amazing. We lived a story of four years of friendship, and at the end of those years we fell in love“.

Details about this specific relationship between Pierre Cosso and Zazie!

It’s a pretty surprising relationship we’ve come across. And the latter have not been revealed particularly thanks to their estimates.

He had in particular specified that it was a rather special relationship, and therefore highlighted various aspects of the latter.

And this is news for the latter, who is very discreet about his privacy as he preferred not to reveal certain aspects of his life.

He thus specifies the following and emphasizes the special nature of this relationship: ” With Zazie, we had a game, ‘Sans Limites’, with three or four friends. The principle of the game was to do what the other two had decided. It could be: “Zazie jumps in the trash”. It was our game“.

But he seems to have fond memories of this story, and he especially moves on in his private life. Pierre Cossos’ album is available today, May 27, 2022!

In addition, he will be performing in Paris on September 25 and October 1, 2022 at the Alhambra.

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