Which outdoor plant in full sun pot to beautify the garden this summer? These are the 7 best strains!

Adding a pop of color and freshness to your garden in the summer is a great idea that can completely transform your outdoor space. What do you spend the cool spring and summer evenings in good company and surrounded by beautiful flower pots! However, there is a problem: your garden is quite sunny and you are afraid that your plants will burn. Do not panic ! To the delight of all gardeners, there are several options, all you need to do is choose the right varieties. Which plant in a full sun outdoor pot do you prefer? Close-up of the 7 species to consider.

Outdoor plant in a pot in full sun: the dahlia and its beautiful colors

Now that the warm season is approaching, it’s time to set up the outside for summer and the placement of potted plants is also an integral part of this process. Do you have a sunny garden? Don’t worry, heat-resistant plants will come to your rescue. One of the first is the dahlia whose spectacular blooms are sure to brighten up your space. The dahlia is a special plant that likes full sun and has a reputation as the most popular summer flower. Very easy to grow in pots, this plant comes in multiple varieties and a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Pelargonium zonal or the champion of summer pots

outdoor potted plant without specific maintenance geranium pelargonium summer garden decor

Commonly known as a zoned geranium, pelargonium is probably the best potted plant in full sun outdoors. The secret of his great success: he hates the cold and can withstand heat and drought well. To place your geranium outside, it is better to wait until the temperature rises above 12°C. Do not forget the natural fertilizer for geraniums, so that your plant can flower fully.

The lantana that offers a rainbow of colors

outdoor plant in pot full sun in the garden developing outdoor space summer 2022 growing lantana

Do you want to create a butterfly garden and a colorful space at the same time? The lantanta is therefore the plant you are looking for! This exceptional plant produces multicolored flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and white. Some varieties even have flowers that create an ombre effect, adding vibrancy to your exterior. In addition to butterflies, the lantana has the ability to attract other types of pollinating insects to the garden.

Egyptian star: an outdoor potted plant in full sun to absolutely have in your garden

best outdoor potted plant full sun in the garden the egyptian star pentas landscaping summer garden

Pentas or Egyptian star, this is a beautiful full sun outdoor potted plant that you absolutely must have in your garden. Pentas produces clusters of beautiful star-shaped flowers in red, white and pink. No matter how intense the heat, the flowers continue to appear every summer. Ditto for the butterflies who love it! Plant in moist, well-draining soil.

The Plumbago so prized for its remarkable sky-blue flowers

pot outdoor plant full sun in the garden summer 2022 the plumbago flowering plant pot outside full sun

Plumbago’s beautiful sky-blue flowers are known to attract butterflies and beautify the garden beautifully. Also called Cape dentin, this potted flowering shrub grows quickly and tolerates heat very well. Like the Egyptian star, it also likes moist, well-drained soil.

Agave – a succulent that easily adapts to dry and poor environments

which potted plant outside full sun succulents in the garden grow agave

The agave will not bloom, but will add an architectural and graphic touch to any container where it is planted. There are several varieties whose shades range from blue to green. Keep in mind that the tips of this succulent are rather pointed and it is better to cover them if you have young children or pets. Why exactly choose agave? Native to Mexico, this succulent will give your garden an unparalleled exotic touch, but don’t forget to protect it from the cold in winter.

Bamboo or the green outdoor plant in a full sun pot that gives an Asian touch to the garden

green plant outside in pot full sun bamboo in pot in the garden privacy screen

Do you want to protect your garden from the prying eyes of your neighbors and at the same time give an Asian touch to your exterior? Choose bamboo, which acts as a screen and can be grown in large pots. Bamboo is planted all year round, except during periods of frost and high temperatures.

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