Woman marries a retired millionaire 25 years older than her and finds out he left her nothing after his death

When a woman marries a wealthy hermit 25 years older than her, she becomes the talk of the town and the subject of countless speculations. But it was not until her husband’s death that she realized she had lost more than one life partner.

While money is undoubtedly necessary to afford a luxurious life, it does not always guarantee happiness. Some of the most precious moments we experience have little or nothing to do with money.

Sometimes disagreements over money can lead to family quarrels, alienation of loved ones and cause grief and heartache. A millionaire had a similar experience when he decided to live a life that was not dependent on his money. But not everyone thought the same about his wife.

Sandrine Devillard. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


Sandrine Devillard was a glamorous Parisian who ran four businesses in her home country, including a real estate agency. The blonde-haired lady was always dressed impeccably and showed great class with her designer outfits.

She was used to a lavish lifestyle that suited her attractive personality. Marcel Amphoux, meanwhile, was a hermit with a gap, landowner and eccentric farmer who lived in the French alpine village of Puy-Saint-Pierre.

Although he owns five alpine shepherds’ cabins on valuable land, Amphoux prefers to live secluded on the slopes near Puy-Saint-Pierre, near the large ski resort of Serre-Chevalier, in south-eastern France. A French newspaper reported that he lived like a bear.

Marcel Amphoux. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


Amphoux’s prime location means it’s worth millions – a fact Devillard is well aware of when she meets him and expresses a strong desire to buy his land. If they were converted into cottages, the cottages could bring in a huge fortune.

But that all changed when Amphoux’s last will came out in 2016, written on the back of an envelope.

Although the toothless hermit owns the pavilions, he never cared about their economic potential. Even the people who lived there paid low rents. To Devillard’s annoyance, Amphoux thus refuses to sell the land.


But the seductive Parisian is determined to change things, and she offers him a date. Surprisingly, the eccentric bachelor who travels by bike and pretends to talk to aliens is overwhelmed by his beauty.

After a brief courtship, surprising news shocks the entire village: the unexpected wedding. Although Devillard assured everyone that she loved Amphoux with all her heart, none of her statements were convincing enough for the villagers.

On a cool, sunny day in September 2011, Amphoux, 67, and Devillard, 42, became husband and wife and sealed their union in the town hall of Puy-Saint-Pierre, which had only 500 inhabitants and was surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

The Villagers’ REACTION

Ms. Devillard wears a flowing purple silk dress and a bouquet of flowers. Her designer jewelry complemented her chic outfit. Amphoux wore a gray suit, a purple silk tie and a vest and a floppy, worn hat with his gray hair sticking out at the sides.

The residents of the Alpine village bulged and howled during the entire wedding ceremony. Their hostility is directed directly at Devillard, who had no connection to this dense city. Jacques, one of the villagers, says:

“People were buzzing and laughing. They all knew Marcel well and thought Sandrine only wanted his property and his money.”


Many suspect the blonde real estate agent of manipulating the shabby landlord and only blaming his fortune. The couple’s honeymoon was planned in Paris, but Amphoux reportedly returned home alone after complaining that he hated the city.

The newlyweds kept in touch, but their marriage remained controversial. However, Devillard has made a perfect plan to prove his love for Amphoux and keep the speculators silent.

In April 2012, she released a clip in which she performed a song called “L’appel du soleil”. We see Devillard frolicking in the alpine meadows, like a blonde Julie Andrews in her sparkling white dress.

Sandrine Devillard. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


Amphoux would have appeared from behind in a hood and in the final moments of the video as Devillard and he kissed. The clip shows the glamorous Parisiennes transformation from a city woman to a country housewife. At the time, Devillard revealed:

“Marcel is a man from the Middle Ages, even from prehistory. I’m a real Parisian. I still live there. But I visit my husband as often as I can.”

But Amphoux, who remained silent throughout the clip and even otherwise, spoke to a local newspaper in June 2012 about his marriage and his relationship with Devillard. He admitted that he had not heard from his wife in some time.

Marcel and Sandrine. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


The wealthy farmer also added:

“I’m afraid of losing everything.”

In November 2012, Amphoux faced a tragic traffic accident in which his car rolled down a ravine in thick fog and he succumbed to his injuries. The driver and another passenger, both friends of Devillard, survived.

Marcel (in black hood) and Sandrine (in white dress) photographed together for Sandrine’s music video. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


The driver is then charged with manslaughter, but acquitted. The whole village, about 500 people, came to attend the funeral of the “hermit of the Alps”. The widow of the deceased, 25 years younger, is also present at this solemn occasion.

Devillard dressed in a black outfit for the funeral and is said to have thrown himself into Amphoux’s grave to prove his love for his deceased husband. The inhabitants of the region, however, continue to sell insults against Parisienne. Jack remembers:

“People were furious at Sandrine, they kept saying it.”

Sandrine shares a kiss with Marcel for her music video. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237


Under French law, Devillard was considered entitled to her husband’s large fortune. But that all changed when Amphoux’s last will came out in 2016, written on the back of an envelope.

He had made it clear in his will that he wanted his money to go to a cousin and the cottages to the current tenants. It seems that the wealthy hermit was not naive at all, as he did not leave an ear to his young and beautiful wife.

Devillard, furious, would have disputed the authenticity of the will and confirmed that it was not written by Amphoux’s hand. She also claims to be the victim of a breach of trust, an attempted extortion and a forgery from the new heirs.

Sandrine and Marcel on their wedding day. | Source: youtube.com/AZ237

But prosecutor Raphaël Balland said handwriting experts confirmed Amphoux wrote the will. Devillard’s claims are therefore rejected.

We can learn many life lessons from the story of this wealthy hermit and his attractive young wife. Amphoux placed little emphasis on money and valued relationships, family, and love like a true gentleman.

Devillard, however, allegedly had been unfaithful to her husband and was even accused of plotting and plotting against him. Until recently, she failed to win a place in the hearts of the alpine villagers. What do you remember from this story? Do not forget to share it with your loved ones.

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